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Pillar Falls

Pillar Falls is a series of cascading falls accentuated by towering Rhyolite pillars. The falls are about 1.5 miles upstream headed towards Shoshone Falls. The falls can be accessed by hiking a mile-long trail. During the summer, water levels decrease, and you are able to wander through rock formations and large pools.
Fun Fact
Pillar Falls was named for the several rhyolite pillars that divide the channels of Snake River. Pillar Falls is found approximately 1.5 miles west from the Perrine Bridge.
Pillar Falls in the Morning


While he was building the Hansen Bridge in 1919, engineer R.M. Murray proposed an idea to build a bridge between Shoshone Falls and Pillar Falls. The bridge was to be the largest suspension bridge in the United States to interconnect large commercial possibilities with a unique scenic view. The bridge would have been twice the length of the Hansen Bridge, spanning 1,143 feet and costing $350,000 to build. Murray suggested charging a toll to pay for the bridge within 15 years. Unfortunately, the bridge was never built.

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