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Guided Canyon Rim Trail

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Welcome to the Snake River Canyon Rim Tour

Enjoy spectacular views and a wide variety of wildlife and plant life as you walk, hike, or bike along the fully paved Snake River Rim trail. Easy access to this 6.5 mile trail is available at multiple points. Click on Locations for a map and a full list of locations.

The Snake River Canyon was formed by the Snake River in the Magic Valley region of Southern Idaho, forming part of the boundary between Twin Falls County and Jerome County.

The canyon ranges up to 500 feet deep, 0.25 miles wide, and runs for just over 150 miles.


Explore the Twin Falls Area

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Pages in this tour were developed by Business Management and Entrepreneurship students in the Fall 2019 Project Management class at College of Southern Idaho, with expert content provided by Marsha Neibling (Vegetation), Dr. Monique Middlekauff (Wellness), Colin Randolph (Photography Tips), Shawn Willsey (Geology), Jaime Tigue (Maps), and Sarah Harris (Wildlife).