Caldron Linn Canyon is an off grid area that requires a hike down a steep canyon to see the waterfall below. Leave no trace as you hike here, there are no restrooms or garbages. During the springtime run-off can be extreme so make sure you stay above the water and do not ever swim here.

It is located about 35 minutes from Twin Falls, or less than 15 minutes from Murtaugh. Where to stay when visiting Caldron Linn? We recommend the Bed and Breakfast The Fillmore Inn in Twin Falls. Book your stay here:

The Wild of Caldron Linn

At this site near the Oregon Trail, the Snake River is forced through a passage less than 40 feet wide.

The result is one of the most intimidating, spectacular waterfalls in Idaho. Also known as Star Falls, this site proved perilous to the Wilson Price Hunt party in 1811. Employed by John Jacob Astor, Hunt’s party traveled overland using information gleaned from the Lewis and Clark expedition. But Caldron Linn proved too rough — Hunt’s party lost a man and two canoes in the area, forcing them back on land. Scottish members of Hunt’s party gave the area its name.

Not much has changed since 1811: The area is still natural and untamed, and you won’t find safety features like guardrails or paved paths. Upstream, anglers will find great bass fishing; downstream, daring kayakers will find Class IV and IV rapids with huge drops. Please be careful when exploring due to the wild of this area. Leave no trace when hiking.

For the biggest visual impact, visit Caldron Linn in the spring, when snowmelt swells the falls. Every year varying between March, April, May and June the waterfall thunders.

Nature Is Ready to Put On a Show

This spring, get outside and watch Mother Nature show off thousands of sparkling, rushing, tumbling waterfalls. We’ve put together a guide that includes out-of-the-way gems and crowd-pleasing stunners.

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