Hagerman Valley has some of the most gorgeous views around! One of these included a natural spring water oasis called Blue Heart Springs. The only way here is by water transportation, making it even more of an exclusive location. Continue reading for directions on how you can experience the jaw dropping beauty of Blue Heart Springs.

First, stop in Buhl at Cloverleaf Creamery. You will need some ice cream to fuel you for the adventure. Also, make sure to book a spot at Banbury Hot Springs to stay over night and get the full Hagerman Valley Experience. Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs have natural hot spring pools to soak in, as well as camp sites, private domes, and RV spots.

Adventure Time

At Banbury, you can rent a kayak or paddle board. This is the easiest route to get to Blue Heart. It is about a mile and a half from the put in dock at Banbury. Paddle north, up the river, around a couple of tree covered islands. On the east side of the Snake River, you will see little river waterfall areas. These are worth a paddle by, as they are bright blue waters, spilling in from other natural springs! Box Canyon spills into the Snake River along the way, and one can visibly see the blue water mix with the river water. Stick your hand in to feel the freezing, pure water.

Just past the Box Canyon outlet, is a caved in area of the canyon. There is a small passage leading into what appears to be a forest area. The river curves west right after the passage, so make sure to continue going north as far as possible to not miss it. For time reference, it takes about 35-45 minutes to paddle from Banbury to Blue Heart’s passage. Once you’ve paddled through the passage, a large opening emerges, filled with the purest, bluest, clearest water you have ever seen! This is Blue Heart Springs.


Boats are allowed in the oasis as well, but must kill their engines. Please be respectful of anyone exploring this area as some days it can be over crowded. Although it is an exclusive spot, locals go on a regular basis. Follow their lead and keep the area as clean as possible. Go on a week day to beat the crowd and float around in peace. The water is so clear it will appear as if you are floating in the air! Take a swim to be instantly cooled off. The water stays at about 58 degrees even on the hottest days! Look to the bottom of the water and watch sand bubble up as the spring water emerges from the ground below. Surrounding walls of lava rock bake in the sun accompanied by snakes and lizards. We recommend hopping up the caved in rocks to see the view from above the water!

Heading Back

Paddling back to Banbury takes a little longer because the river is flowing the opposite direction. The typical current isn’t too bad, but it will take about 45-55 minutes to get back. If your shoulders need a massage after all the paddling, don’t worry! Miracle Hot Springs has in house massages you can easily book, as well as private hot spring soaking rooms. Drive into Hagerman for dinner at the Snake River Grill, and explore the history of the town at the Hagerman Valley Historical center and the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument.

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