The incredible photographers, The Mandagies, took a trip to Twin Falls, Idaho in June and had a wonderful experience. We are sharing their trip, step by step, so you can explore like these outdoor photographers do! Enjoy discovering 12+ things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho, outdoor photographer style.

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Day 1 – Watch the Sunset at Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock is the perfect place to watch the sun come up or go down. Surrounded by farm land the view goes on forever, but this mysterious little canyon holds surprises. Suddenly the road drops in between walls of incredible rock features like hoodoos and the infamous; Balanced Rock. The rock itself is over 48 feet tall and 40 tons, the wind-carved rock balances precariously on a pedestal only 3 feet by 17 inches. It is a stunning sight to see and the perfect boulder to photograph. The trailhead for Balanced Rock is located just west of the Balanced Rock Park where you can camp or lounge. The parking lot sits below the rock and the hike up to it is steep but quick.

Day 2 – Hike to Perrine Coulee, Walk the Snake River Canyon Trail, See Shoshone Falls

Just minutes from Twin Falls find a huge waterfall that you can walk behind! Drive down the canyon towards Centennial Waterfront Park and peep out the window to see something crazy. You’ll see just a glimpse of Perrine Coulee from the road. Park in the designated parking spots and take the quick walk around the corner to see the canyon open up to the stunning waterfall. You can walk around and behind the waterfall – be prepared to get a little wet! This waterfall runs year round, however fluctuates in size throughout the year.

You can also see this waterfall from above on the Snake River Canyon Trail. The trail spans 10+ miles and can be accessed at multiple places along the canyon rim. We recommend parking at the Twin Falls Visitor Center. Here there are restrooms and souvenirs. Walk east or west for incredible views. If you start your journey from the Twin Falls Visitor Center, it is about a four mile walk to Shoshone Falls.

There is also a parking lot at Shoshone Falls that requires only a short walk from the lot to the overlook. Shoshone Falls is a 212 foot waterfall (taller than Niagara Falls,) and is best viewed in late spring and early summer. Year-round the waterfall flows, but not as powerfully as it does in spring! During really dry years the waterfall is just a trickle, but when the snow melt happens the waterfall is so powerful you’ll feel the mist from the parking lot!

Day 3 – Chase Waterfalls all around!

Not only do we have two giant waterfalls just in Twin Falls, there are 30+ more around the area. Here’s a list of some popular ones that The Mandagies viewed. You can see all of these within 30 minutes from each other.

  • Auger Falls (3 mile hike – Twin Falls)
  • Pillar Falls (2 mile hike – Twin Falls)
  • Devil’s Washbowl – Malad Gorge State Park
  • Thousand Springs Scenic Byway (Lots to see along the drive)
  • Niagara Springs Park (Filer)
  • Twin Falls (Twin Falls)
  • Minnie Miller Springs & Lemon Falls – Ritter Island State Park
  • Cauldron Linn (Murtaugh)
  • Box Canyon Springs (1 mile hike to the falls) – Box Canyon State Park

Day 4 – Stay and Relax at Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs & Hike Box Canyon State Park

Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs are located across the road from each other on the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway. You can soak in nature hot spring pools as well as private VIP rooms at either location. The VIP pools are romantic and peaceful. Soaking here has health benefits like decreasing stress levels, help with sleep, and sore muscle relief. The large pools are great for kids to have fun swimming and playing. At Miracle Hot Springs you can stay in the coolest accommodation. Check out their Glamping Domes for a unique experience. There is no wifi here, so disconnect from life and enjoy a peaceful night at Miracle Hot Springs, soaking away your stress and re-connecting with nature under the stars.

Day 5 – Check out Little City of Rocks, Tea Kettle Cave, and Hot Springs

Little City of Rocks

There are some crazy rock formations around Southern Idaho and the geology is fascinating. Little City of Rocks is one of those places you’ll see incredible nature. North of Gooding, Idaho (about a 30 minute drive from Miracle Hot Springs,) lies a wilderness study area. The total hike around the park is 7 miles, but there are fun places stop stop along the way like the giant Arch at the front end of the park, and lots of wildflowers and hoodoos along the way.

Tea Kettle Cave

Not far from the Little City of Rocks is Tea Kettle Cave. This delicate piece of nature is located underground, and you almost wouldn’t even know it was there if it weren’t for the giant hole in the earth! Enter through a smaller hole to shimmy your way down the “tea spout.” You’ll soon enter the large part of the cave “the kettle.” Be aware of your step as there are snakes and bats here. The most important part of visiting this cave is not touching the ferns or altering the rocks. You cannot stack rocks. You must not step on the ferns. This piece of nature is too precious to ruin as many people have been recently. Please respect nature when visiting Tea Kettle Cave.

Worswick Hot Springs

The last stop on the Mandagies outdoor photography adventure is a must-see. Located north of Fairfield, Idaho is a magical place called Worswick Hot Springs. These springs are located in the Soldier Mountains on some gravel back roads. There is no service so be sure to have your map ready before entering the mountains. These hot springs also must be taken care of, so make sure to pack everything out that you pack in because no one will pick up after you. There are a few pools to soak in, ranging in temperatures, hottest at the top and cooler near the parking lot.

We hope you have a great time exploring around Southern Idaho! Be sure to follow in the Mandagies footprints and leave no trace everywhere you go. The Mandagies also ate at and supported local businesses throughout their travels.

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