We’ve all experienced the winter blues on these cold days. Staying home and cooped up inside is not good for anyone’s mental health. Take that self-care vacation you’ve been thinking about! Book the hot spring soak, make a wine tasting appointment, go for a winter hike, and enjoy time to yourself. Take a wellness travel weekend to recharge in Southern Idaho and come out feeing better and more rejuvenated than ever! 

  • Soak in Idaho Hot Springs
  • Get a Massage at a Hot Spring Spa
  • Drink wine at a local vinyard, beer at a brewery, or cider at a cider house!
  • Eat local Pizza, BBQ, or Ice Cream (or all 3!)
  • See tranquil nature locations

Start your Wellness Travel with Idaho Hot Springs

Starting your trip off in Hagerman, Idaho is a fantastic choice. The historic little town only has about one thousand residents, so you won’t have to be stressed about driving in traffic what-so-ever. In fact, enjoy most of the area totally crowd free. There are a few wonderful lodging options including the Billingsley Creek Lodge, Hagerman Valley Inn, 1,000 Springs Resort, and a handful of airbnb options. If you’d like to be right next to the hot springs, we recommend booking a glamping dome at Miracle Hot Springs. 

Miracle Hot Springs is a spa resort where you can get therapeutic massages and soak in geothermal hot springs. These two things alone will give your body the reset it needs! Hot spring water has healing benefits such as relaxation of the muscles, reduced tension, reduced stress, and better sleep. There are large pools to swim in at Miracle, or you can opt to book a private room for extra quietness. 

Enjoy some Drinks

Just down the road from Miracle Hot Springs is a lovely vineyard that makes delicious wines. Holesinsky Vinyard and Winery is locally owned and cared for, and you can taste the love and passion in their wine. Call ahead to book a wine tasting appointment and enjoy the sweet notes of their Malbec, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Sangria, Chardonnay, and more. They have indoor and outdoor seating to do all of the wine sipping. 

If you’re not a wine person, drive down the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway from Hagerman to Buhl and try either a cider house or a brewery! At Cedar Draw Cider House you can experience farm to table hard apple cider. All of the ingredients are natural and locally made. Expect a crisp and refreshing taste – perfect for that recharge you’re looking for. Magic Valley Brewing is where we suggest all beer lovers go in Buhl. Magic Valley Brewing also uses locally sourced wholesome ingredients in their beer. 

Pizza, BBQ & Ice Cream

In Hagerman there are a few local options to eat at like Bullzzeye BBQ and the Snake River Grill. If you’re on a ‘treat yourself’ vacation we recommend you grab some pizza at Fire Pie Pizza and Pasta. Fire Pie Pizza uses real wood-fired pizza cooked to perfection in an outdoor pizza oven from Italy! Indoor and outdoor seating is available. 

Ice cream has never been creamier than at Clover Leaf Creamery. The ice cream is sourced from the local dairy farm the local owners run. When we say this is the creamiest, most delicious and rich ice cream we’ve ever had, we mean it. Try unique flavors such as Cowboy Crunch or Huckleberry. Winter seasonal flavors also include Apple Strudel or Pumpkin Pie. 

Lose yourself in Nature

Another amazing way to recharge and reset is by going for a nature walk. Hagerman once again has you covered. There is a lovely bike path that spans from Valley Road to the Hagerman City Park. There are also State Parks nearby to explore. Box Canyon is a great one to visit in the winter time. Box Canyon is a stunning canyon that has blue water at the base. Enjoy some time looking over the canyon where you could possibly see eagles flying, or hike the 2 mile hike down the canyon to the waterfall. 

If it’s too cold to get out and hike, drive the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway. This will show off views of the Snake River, Hagerman Fossil Beds, and so many beautiful waterfalls! Wellness travel has never looked more beautiful than during the winter in Southern Idaho.

Hit the Slopes

Choose from three incredible ski mountains in Southern Idaho. Magic Mountain is a small resort located one hour south of Twin Falls. They offer extremely affordable lift tickets for their one lift, possibly the cheapest in the state of Idaho. Pomerelle Mountain is located about 45 minutes south of Burley. There are two lifts here and so many runs to have a blast! Soldier Mountain offers fun skiing on their main mountain, but also offer Cat Skiing tours up the mountain!

Fly into the Magic Valley Regional Airport

Driving in traffic contributes to stress and nerves. When embarking on your stress free, relaxation vacation, make sure to fly into Twin Falls, Idaho! Imagine you’re on the way to Idaho and you get stuck in Salt Lake City because of rush hour, now your 3 hour drive is turning into a 4, plus the snow on the road isn’t helping. Avoid that completely by booking a flight from Salt Lake City to Twin Falls! More information can be found here: https://iflytwinfalls.com

After hot spring soaking, getting massaged, having a taste of local wine, eating amazing pizza and ice cream, and finally disconnecting out in nature, you’re sure to feel amazing. We hope your winter wellness vacation in Southern Idaho recharges and rejuvenates you for your weeks to come!