The most beautiful sunsets occur in the Magic Valley, and nothing is more magical than seeing the sky light up in vibrant color. Mesmerizing moments occur when the sun sets over the Snake River Canyon, or when the hazy sky lights up red at the City of Rocks – time stops. We’ve listed these locations for you to create your own experiences with loved ones! Check out our list of the best places to watch sunrise and sunset in Southern Idaho.

Twin Falls

Shoshone Falls 

This waterfall is located on the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls and is gorgeous for sunrise. The sun is behind the waterfall, and truly can be remarkable! Sunset is also pretty here because the sun aligns with the canyon and causes the entire waterfall to glow. 

Perrine Bridge

There are two walking paths along the Perrine Bridge, so be on the east side when it’s sunrise, and west when it is sunset. Each morning as the sun rises the sun flares through the canyon walls. The water is still and usually a purply blue color. For sunset, the water glosses over, kayakers make their way back to docks, and BASE jumpers soar to the ground below. It is a gorgeous location to view either time of day. 

Hansen Bridge

The Hansen bridge is 11 miles east of the Perrine Bridge and offers somewhat similar views into the Snake River Canyon. There are two pull-offs on either side of the bridge. They are easiest to access to the west, so we recommend sunset gazing here! The north west pull off is a local favorite. You can walk to a look out that looks right into the canyon, with a beautiful boulder area in view on the water. There is also a waterfall that lights up the side of the canyon. 

Hagerman Valley

Box Canyon

The perfect place to watch the sunset is from the top of Box Canyon. During the early summer the sun sets directly down the canyon, creating a gorgeous shine over the vibrant blue water. 

Hagerman Fossil Beds

Giant wind turbines spread across gorgeous rolling hills. Below here sits the Hagerman Fossil Beds. All around is beautiful views for a perfect sunrise or sunset to light up the sky. The Fossil Beds are spread out all along the Snake River near Hagerman so there are plenty of awesome places to catch sunset, including down by the water or up along the wind turbines! 

Malad Gorge

Half way between Boise and Twin Falls is a giant canyon that cuts under the interstate. This is Malad Gorge! The State Park cost $5 to get in but walking all along the canyon will give you gorgeous views of the sun going down. Just a short walk away is another incredible canyon filled with blue water that also makes for a great sunset location. Camping is available here and there are public restrooms.

Mini Cassia 

Mt Harrison

South of Burley lies mountains so beautiful the sky does a show for them almost every night. One of these mountain tops is Mount Harrison! The paved road leads all the way to its lookout making it extremely accessible for anyone. You can walk all around the area to see 360 views of Southern Idaho and Utah.

Lake Cleveland

Lake Cleveland is just below Mount Harrison and is a wonderful camping spot for locals and visitors. Kayak across the glassy water at dusk or cast some lines to fish. The water will reflect the gorgeous sky and honestly, you can’t get a better sunset location than on an alpine lake!