The River Store near Lake Walcott

Lake Walcott is located about 16 miles north of Rupert, Idaho. Rupert is a quaint historic town, known for extravagant celebrations like Christmas City and the 4th of July. New Years they even host a beet drop! Locals in Rupert love to escape the city for nature at Lake Walcott. The park is situated next to Minidoka Dam on the Snake River. Lake Walcott is 17-miles-long.

On the way to Lake Walcott there is a store equipped to provide you with what you need for adventure. The River Store is open year round, winter hours shifting back compared to summer. At the store you’ll find hunting and fishing supplies, camping must- haves, cold refreshments, snacks and goodies, plus some locally crafted products.

The small store is a recommended stop before embarking on a kayak paddle around the lake, catching fish with your loved ones, or even before you plan a game of disc golf! Grab a couple beers to enjoy with your friend, or get candy to snack on while laying out on the beach. Find all the goodies you could need to have a successful and memorable day at Lake Walcott.