Rupert was established in 1906 and the square was the site of the town’s first well. Locals gathered to collect water and the square became a place for the community to connect. Businessmen took notice of the gathering place and set up small shops. The shops grew in numbers and soon the Rupert Square became what it is today.

Historic Rupert Square, Ariel Image, Park, Rupert, Idaho

Visitors can find an assortment of retail shops, dining options, a historic theater and a beautifully renovated downtown area. The community brings the park to life every year with a week long Fourth of July celebration and many other events each month.

Where to Stay & what to do?

Historic Square, Renovation, Downtown Rupert, Festival

The best place to stay is right on the Square itself. The Drift Inn is a historic Inn that resides above Henry’s. Henry’s is a restaurant where you can eat comfort food like fried pickles and other delights. All around the Square there are local shops. Some of our favorites include Panaderia Michoacan, E-Street Deli, and more.

When exploring the Rupert Square you must visit the Wilson Theatre. The theater has many events throughout the year such as plays, performances, and even family events. The events are always a perfect way to spend time with family, and perhaps blow your mind with the talent!

Lake Walcott State Park is only a 15 minute drive from Downtown Rupert. The State Park offers kayaking, paddling, boating, disc golf, picnic areas, and even camping.

Book the Drift Inn on the Rupert Square.