Ready to explore over Spring Break? We created the perfect guide for the 10 best places to adventure in Southern Idaho!

1. Chase Waterfalls at Shoshone Falls

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Spring is the season waterfalls come to life in Southern Idaho! Because water flows are generally low throughout summer and winter, the water becomes sparse at Shoshone Falls. Once spring rolls around and snow starts melting, this area is covered in falls! Shoshone Falls, the Niagara of the West is 212 feet tall, (yes, taller than Niagara Falls!) The magnificent waterfall is located just east of Twin Falls. Driving down to the park will showcase waterfalls – frozen and flowing – leading to the magnificent Shoshone Falls. The waterfall has already reached 6,100 cfs which means it is flowing very powerfully! Now is the perfect time to view!

2. Tube at Magic Mountain Ski Resort

Heading south of Twin Falls will take you deep into rolling mountains called the South Hills. About an hour from Twin Falls is Magic Mountain Ski Resort. Here, you can ski, snowboard, snowshoe, cross country ski, snowmobile, and tube! Tubes are available for rental in the lodge for $15 a day. The perfectly slicked hill provides speed for the adrenaline seekers, but is safe for children too! A rope pulls you back up the sled hill each time conserving your energy to assure you can tube for hours. Magic Mountain has gotten amazing amounts of snow this year!

3. Snow shoe at the City of Rocks

The City of Rocks National Reserve is one of the most hidden secrets in the United States. Towering mountains speckled with rocks and boulders provide incredible views. Snowshoe rentals are available and easily picked up at the Visitors Center. Because the Visitors Center is conveniently located near the park entrance the rangers can answer any questions you have about exploring. There is a large number of trail options for your level of adventure. Be sure to check road conditions before heading here to snowshoe. This winter brought lots of snow to Southern Idaho. The snow blankets the ground, but warmer temperatures have left the roads a bit muddy. 4WD vehicles are suggested.

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4. Venture Down the Canyon from Mermaid’s Cove.

The Snake River Canyon carves through Southern Idaho and is stunning from all angles. Mermaid’s Cove is located on the Jerome side of the canyon. In late spring; this waterfall flows into a swimming cove beneath, making it a popular destination for locals to swim. What many don’t know is the trail continues all the way down the canyon to the river! Interstate Bridge *almost* crosses the river at the end of the trail. If water levels are down the bridge is cross-able. But, in the spring time it creates a spooky vibe. Seeing the bridge stop halfway across the river with rushing water cutting through the gap is a site to see.

5. Ski or Snowboard at Pomerelle

Pomerelle is the most beautiful place to ski and snowboard! Feel on top of the world on this mountain. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, there are incredible runs for everyone. Make amazing memories with your friends while experiencing Pomerelle. Don’t worry, if you’re wanting a little party for spring break, there are plenty of alcoholic drinks to choose from in the cozy lodge. The snow conditions have been excellent this year with a fresh snowfall weekly, and some weeks daily snowfall. Who needs beaches on spring break when there are mountains covered in snow to ride on?

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6. Walk Under Perrine Coulee Waterfall

Is there anything cooler than walking under a giant waterfall? An even cooler aspect of Perrine Coulee is the location right in Twin Falls! The waterfall can be accessed by climbing down rocks and trees on Canyon Springs Rd before Centennial Waterfront Park, or on the same road past the park. Traveling past the park takes you below the waterfall with a trail leading up and behind the falls. Both entrances will lead you under and around the waterfall.

7. Soak at Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs

Hot Springs are scattered across Idaho; some hidden away in mountains, others made into resorts! Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs have made their natural hot springs into a pool and private soak rooms. Experience the private soak rooms to totally relax and find peace. The ultimate spa day awaits by reserving a massage here, too! If you’re ready for adventure after soaking, kayak and paddle board rentals are available. Lastly, you can view crocodiles in their home next to the resort! This destination is located near Buhl.

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8. Snowshoe to Ross Falls in the South Hills

A small cliff with a waterfall trickling down sits about a mile before Magic Mountain Ski Resort. The waterfall is Ross Falls, which amazingly freezes over in the winter months. Snowshoe here to view the frozen waterfall and enjoy its peace and seclusion. The trail head starts from the parking lot and is a well traveled route. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to arrive at the falls! Snowshoes may not be required if the path has been used that day.

9. Walk the Canyon Rim Trail for Insane Views.

A photographer’s dream location. The Canyon Rim Trail is a 6.2 mile walking, running, biking path that follows the Snake River. Walking the trail 500 feet above the river will showcase epic views of the canyon. The trail leads all the way to Shoshone Falls and starts before the Visitors Center, located next to the Perrine Bridge. The path is smooth and adequate for all levels of fitness. The Love Lock Gate is also found on the west end of the trail! Bring a lock to hook onto the gate to represent your love!

10. Have Drinks and Dinner at Southern Idaho’s Newest Breweries

Treat yourself to delicious food and drinks after a full day of adventure and fun! Koto Brewery opened in late 2018, and offers amazing beer, wine, apps, and entrees. Milner’s Gate just opened in 2019 but is ready for all the crowds! This beautifully re-done historical building is sure to please the eyes and satisfy the taste buds. Both of the Breweries showcase their brew kettles for customers to see. Expect amazing service from the lovely Idahoans!

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