June is one of the most beautiful months to visit Southern Idaho. Wildflower super-blooms are happening, the mountains and canyons are green with vegetation, and summer adventure has officially kicked off! 

Visit the City of Rocks & Castle Rocks (Almo)

The City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park are absolutely gorgeous in June, and as a bonus, the heat hasn’t fully set in yet. The high desert terrain is still green from spring rain, and the granite boulders and spires tower over the valley. Find an assortment of wildflowers between the two parks including Lupine, Lilies, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, and Mule’s Ear. A good reason to visit the City of Rocks or Castle Rocks in June is to enjoy the summer views of the area without having the intense heat July and August bring. June is the perfect time for hiking and camping. The photo featured above is Window Arch which is a quick walk from campsite 33 where you can find a public parking lot and restroom.

Would you rather stay in a hotel? Book in Burley, Idaho at the Hampton Inn. Staying in Burley has its perks because there are a variety of accommodations and restaurants to enjoy. Some local favorites are Puder’s Pizza and The Boathouse. Puder’s has a bowling alley alongside the restaurant that specializes in pizza and other American dishes. The Boathouse sits along the Snake River with beautiful views of the mountains to the south. Try their delicious pasta, fish, and other high quality dishes.

Visit the Camas Prairie (Fairfield)

The Camas Lilies Super-Bloom is the first week of June, when you can also attend the Camas Lily Festival! Here, is where the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes have harvested lilies and sometimes participate in the annual festival. The marsh that showcases the lilies annually is about 5 miles south west of Fairfield, Idaho. Stay at the Prairie Inn to be in close proximity of food and drink. It is just a quick drive away from the Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh Wildlife Management Area.

The Soldier Mountains are located nearby where you can ATV, hike, find hot springs, and mountain bike. We recommend visiting Soldier Mountain Ski Area to get on single track mountain biking trails. Ride the lift up the mountain to then speed down on many levels of trails. Soldier Mountain generally opens its trails Memorial Day Weekend leaving June open and ready for adventure!

Chase Waterfalls (Hagerman & Twin Falls)

There are dozens of waterfalls in Southern Idaho that are calling your name for that June adventure. Starting in the city of Twin Falls check out Perrine Coulee, Shoshone Falls, Mermaid Cove and Auger Falls. Perrine Coulee can be found on the way to Centennial Waterfront Park or hiking on the Canyon Rim Trail near Canyon Crest Event Center. Shoshone Falls City Park is the best place to park to witness Shoshone Falls, or also hike the Canyon Rim Trail for many view points. Mermaid Cove is on the north side of the Snake River Canyon on Yingst Grade. Here, you’ll discover two waterfalls stacked on top of each other.  Auger Falls is further west, past Perrine Coulee Waterfall where you can find miles of trails to mountain bike or hike along.

Hagerman Valley is home to the famous, Thousand Springs Scenic Byway, where you’ll find waterfalls all around! Check out Box Canyon and Ritter Island to find two beautiful falls. Box Canyon has a large waterfall that flows with the blue river about a mile of a hike away from the Box Canyon Trailhead. Ritter Island has a pretty waterfall called Lemmon Falls that you can see from the island.