April is such a lovely month to hit the road and enjoy an undiscovered location. Do just that by taking a trip to Southern Idaho! See waterfalls, hike without snow, and enjoy beautiful sunny days in the high desert climate. We’ve curated the perfect April adventure itinerary for Southern Idaho! 

Explore the Hagerman Valley

Even during the colder months, the Hagerman Valley has great weather. There are amazing sights to see here like Thousand Springs State Park, Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs, the Snake River, and more! 

Miracle & Banbury Hot Springs

Miracle Hot Springs

We highly recommend staying at Miracle Hot Springs in their lovely Glamping Domes. These domes are furnished and include a mini fridge, heat, and bedding. Because of their luxury and attractiveness they take camping to a whole new level. This is why they are considered to be glamorous camping; glamping. 

While you’re staying in these lovely domes, it’s just a short walk away to hot springs! Nothing feels better on a cool April morning than a soak in a steamy hot spring pool. Choose from the general admission pools to a multitude of private rooms. There are two types of private rooms, VIP and regular. Both are delightful and intimate, but the VIP private rooms are more spacious.

Across the road is Banbury Hot Springs which also has general admission pools. Banbury’s private rooms overlook the Snake River and are newly remodeled. The peace you feel here is unmatched! These pools, and Miracle’s are emptied and cleaned after every soak, so you’ll be getting all the nutrients from soaking in geothermal water while staying nice and clean! 

Dining in Hagerman

After you’ve soaked in all the hot spring goodness, restore your energy with delicious food and coffee! The Snake River Grill is an excellent place to dine. They specialize in all sorts of fish, and are famously known for their alligator! Nearby is a coffee shop called Bullets  & Brews. They have amazing drinks, goodies, and in a very Idaho fashion; ammunition. Another great place to dine at is Bullzzeye BBQ. Enjoy some of the best BBQ you’ve ever had here! It’s a local favorite and has been for years. 

Hiking in Hagerman

Ritter Island State Park, Thousand Springs, Lemmon Falls, Waterfalls, Clear Water, Idaho Power Park, Kayaking, Southern Idaho, Hagerman

Get some hiking in at Thousand Springs State Park! There are multiple units to the park including Box Canyon, Ritter Island, Malad Gorge, and more. Box Canyon is an incredible hike. First you’ll park near the overlook of two blue water pools. Then, for the adventurous; hike down the canyon and past a waterfall to find the back blue water pool! Another great place to see blue water is at Ritter Island. See Lemmon Falls and glowing blue water flowing under a bridge. This bridge to the island is closed until Memorial Day, but you can enjoy the water inland just as well! Visit Malad Gorge and the Hagerman Fossil Beds for more fun too.

Another amazing place to stay in the Hagerman Valley is Billingsley Creek Lodge which is near Billingsley Creek State Park. This is also a unit of Thousand Springs State Park! The family size lodges are perfect for travelers and have a blue water river running through the backyard. 

See the City of Waterfalls – Twin Falls

Twin Falls is an incredible town to visit. There are tons of local and unique restaurants, plus nature that you have to see to believe! Shoshone Falls is one of those incredible wonders. April-May is the best time to view the falls because the snow melt from the mountains increases flows. During these months the water surges over a 212 foot cliff into the Snake River Below. Visit Shoshone Falls City Park, located just a couple miles from Twin Falls, to see the closest viewpoint. Enjoy the waterfall’s mist and a beautiful rainbow on a sunny day. The Canyon Rim Trail also leads to Shoshone Falls and has many lookouts of it. 

Adventure in Twin Falls

Shoshone Falls, Spring, Overlook, medium waterflow

Above Shoshone Falls is a great place to hike called Dierkes Lake. The trail leads all around the lake and provides views of the canyon. Another fun place to visit is Centennial Waterfront Park where you can rent kayaks, paddle boards, and pontoon tours through AWOL Adventure Sports. There is even a zipline you can ride to see the canyon from birds eye view! Reserve your adventure online. 

Enjoy local restaurants and shops by visiting Downtown Twin Falls. A fun restaurant to dine at is Koto Brewing. Here they serve craft beer that’s brewed in house! There food is delicious with a kick. We recommend trying the nachos that are bigger than anyone’s head! Dine at Saffron Indian Cuisine to enjoy authentic Indian food. If you just need a morning pickup, stop at Twin Beans Coffee Co to get the best coffee and tea in town. Lastly, shop at Perrine Man Press or Unique Twist Jewelry to get all of your Idaho souvenirs! 

Where to Stay

Stay at the Filmore Inn on Addison Ave to be close to Downtown Twin Falls. This historic home is a bed and breakfast with rooms that transport you back in time. If you’re looking for a modern hotel, check out TownePlace Inn and Suites and stay in one of the newest hotels in Twin Falls. TownePlace is located near the Perrine Bridge and Centennial Waterfront Park, as well as the trailhead to Auger Falls. Enjoy your April travels and plan with ease with our April Adventure Itinerary!