Pillar Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho

Pillar Falls is a series of cascading falls accentuated by towering Rhyolite pillars. It is located in the Snake River canyon about a mile east from the I.B. Perrine Bridge. The stunning rock features tower over kayakers and hikers below. The area is beautiful, but can be dangerous. Always check water levels before visiting because when the water is high, the falls are unable to be explored.

Please note, no matter the level of water flow, you should NEVER swim at Pillar Falls. There are powerful undercurrents that can take away even the strongest of swimmers. It is not safe to swim in the pools however inviting they may appear. Always wear a life jacket when kayaking above the falls too.

Walkers can view the falls from above on the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail, or at Jerome’s Snake River Canyon Parks. Pillar Falls also provides the opportunity to hike around, but the only way to access is to kayak or boat. The boat or kayak trip from Centennial Waterfront Park is 2 miles to the portage site.

During the summer, water levels decrease and you are able to wander through rock formations and large pools. Kayakers headed for Shoshone Falls must portage on the south side of the falls.