Winter is a wonderful time of year, but it can feel long. Escape the cold and snow by visiting Southern Idaho for a warm up weekend. Although the mountains all around are covered in snow, the Magic Valley usually doesn’t have much! The hiking remains available as if it were summer, and the sun shining on a winter day almost feels as though spring is just around the corner.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a great place to pretend winter is over. Downtown Twin offers many local dining options. Milner’s Gate has delicious food to warm up your winter. Happy hour deals are too good to pass up, as well as their tasty cuisine. Walk around downtown to discover unique local shops such as the Brass Monkey, Rudy’s A Cooks Paradise, Fashion 15 Below, and more! Twin Beans has great coffee to warm the insides too. Downtown Twin is set up perfectly to hop from business to business without being outside for too long.  Popular winter hiking in Twin Falls includes Dierke’s Lake, Mogensen Trail, Auger Falls, and many others located inside the Snake River Canyon.  Visit the Filmore Inn for beautiful boutique lodging options or the Hilton Garden Inn for all of your modern creature comforts.



Miracle Hot Springs

Another great town to warm up in is Buhl! Downtown Buhl has more great businesses to indulge in such as the Farm Girl and Magic Valley Brewery. The perfect way to melt the cold and stress away is at Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs or 1000 Springs Resort. These natural hot springs have been made into small resorts, and feel luxuriously warm. Rent a private hot spring room to enjoy a soak with just your loved ones. Did you know soaking in these hot springs can boost blood circulation, reduce stress, promote a good nights rest, and relieve pain? Soak those winter blues away! There are massages available as well as overnight lodging.

Hiking at Box Canyon will usually keep you away from the snow, and is located nearby the Eagle Tree. Every winter, eagles migrate to the trees surrounding West Point Shack and are fun to watch! There are easily 30-40 eagles flying and resting on the branches in the later winter months. 


Hagerman Wendell Idaho Eagle Tree

Southern Idaho Ski Resorts

After you’ve enjoyed a night or two escaping winter, take a trip to one of our three extremely affordable ski resorts! A day pass to any of these is less than $100. Pomerelle Ski Resort is located just south of Albion, and is a local favorite to ski and snowboard at all levels. Magic Mountain Ski Resort is about an hour south of Twin Falls. Magic Mountain offers a tubing hill as well as a lift to ski or snowboard. Lastly, Soldier Mountain is located just north of Fairfield. This resort is special, and is unlike any others in the area! They offer incredible cat skiing options, cheaper than any other resort in the United States. 

We hope you enjoy your weekend away from the cold winter months in Southern Idaho! Learn more about our recommendations here: