Written by Cameron, Float Magic’s Wellness Facilitator

Experience Float Magic

Located in Downtown Twin Falls is a unique experience to open the mind, body, and soul. Float Magic offers an array of wellness services including Float Therapy, Saunas, and a commercial use NovoTHOR. Nestled in the heart of downtown our wellness facility is a perfect stopping destination for a date night. Experiencing Float Magic is a great way to dive into a locally owned and operated business that takes a different approach to modern medicine. Our services are a great way to relax and decompress after traveling. We at Float Magic want to make a difference in the Twin Falls area by offering an alternative approach to heal the mind and body. We would like to invite you to come explore our facility and take a tour with one of our Wellness Facilitators. Bookings are limited and we recommend calling or booking online to ensure services are available.

Float Magic

Wellness Services

Our services include Floatation Therapy (also known as R.E.S.T.) which we are best known for. We have three options for floating; a pod, an open, and an enclosed suite. Both light and sound are restricted during the 60–90-minute session. Water is kept at a constant 94 degrees to remain as close to skin temperature as possible. The combination of water temperature and restriction of light and sound provide an environment to let the mind open and body rest.

Float Magic

Our Infrared Sauna (IR Sauna) uses infrared wavelengths to warm the body from the inside and open the blood vessels in a process called vasodilation. The IR Sauna is a dry sauna so it will remain cooler than a traditional wet sauna. A 30-60-minutes session is perfect for relieving chronic pain, healing skin conditions, and recovery.

The Traditional Sauna is a wet sauna that heats to roughly 190-200-degrees. This sauna is great for detoxing the body, increase in metabolism, blood circulation, and improved cardiovascular function. Being the classic sauna, it is also a great way to relax and recovery after long days of work and training. With our Traditional Sauna we now also have incorporated a service called Fire and Ice known widely as Hot and Cold Contrast therapy. With the addition of a Plunge Tank chilled to a consistent 48 degrees this form of therapy is going to improve blood circulation, reduce pain from inflammation, aid in weight loss, and improve mood. Clientele will have the option of using only the Tradition Sauna, the Plunge Tank, or both for a 30-60-minute session.

Our Massage Chairs are a great way to begin or end a session here at Float Magic. These Zero Gravity Massage Chairs use a 3D track roller system combined with air pressure to relax the whole body. This service can be a standalone service or an add-on to services like Floatation Therapy and Saunas. The NovoTHOR is one of our more popular services. Using red light waves and Near Infrared Light from laser diodes this whole-body pod is used to reduce inflammation, aid in muscle and joint recovery, neurological repair, and cellular rejuvenation in just 15-minutes. Used by professional athletes and hospitals Float Magic has the only commercial use NovoTHOR in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

Float Magic

The newest addition to our services is the Salt Cave that uses Halotherapy; a Halo-Generator pushes salt into the air which can help relief asthma symptoms, eczema, and psoriasis. The room is filled with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Zero Gravity chairs to help you relax and get comfortable. This room is booked by the hour and when booked you may stay in for the hour or leave at your discretion. While inside you may read, meditate, or even sleep. This room is a public space that can fit up to six people at once.

To find more information or book a visit, please visit Float Magic’s website.