Float Magic is a place to go when you need to fully relax. No stimulations, no stress from the outside world, this location will disconnect you in a way that is healing. They practice Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy, which is a therapy of disconnecting from the stimuli around us so that we can focus on our own internal functions and health. Achieve this by trying out their float pods. Float in either a pod or pool for 60-90 minutes and feel your worries melt away as you become light as a feather.

The dense salt baths contain 1,200 points of Epsom salt dissolved in 800 pounds of water, allowing you to float, perfectly buoyant, in the silky warm fluid. During your float, your body will be resting in a way it has never been allowed to before. Feel weightless. Feel almost as if you’re floating through space and time! The sensation felt when you are totally motionless and totally relaxed is incredible.

Located Downtown Twin Falls, Float Magic has been a wonderful addition to the community. They opened in December of 2020 with the mission to provide tranquility for locals. Benefits of floating at Float Magic include better sleep, lowered heart rate, lowered blood pressure, relief from chronic and acute pain, muscle recovery, focus and a release from stress. Float studies have shown great improvements for individuals dealing with anxiety, depression and PTSD as well.

Try floating on your own for a meditational experience, or float with your partner to relax together. Relieve your muscles in the pods or try out the red lamp therapy bed or massage chair. Float Magic is your one stop shop for all things rejuvenation, so next time you’re planning a self care vacation, Float Magic has to be on your list!

Float Magic is locally owned and operated. The business displays local art around the building. Find beautiful art work hanging inside, as well as painted outside! There is a little alley of art right next to Float Magic. Neighbors to Float Magic is the food hall, 2nd South Market! Both of these businesses opened around the same time, and they go together perfectly. After you’ve enjoyed your float and feel the benefits sinking in, treat yourself to a delicious dish at one of the 7 vendors in the food hall. Main Street, just a street north of Float Magic, also has dozens of local shops to explore. Grab beer at any of the 3 breweries, shop till you drop at all the adorable boutiques, and hang out in the beautiful commons area with your loved ones.