Twin Falls is an amazing town to visit for waterfalls, hikes, and tasty food. There is a plethora of destinations calling your name to explore, each one holding uniqueness of its own. A local favorite is the Mogensen Trail, located just before Centennial Waterfront Park.

Mogensen Trail

Mogensen Trail leads through the canyon, and underneath the towering I.B. Perrine Bridge. Once parked at the trail-head, follow the dirt path leading to wilderness. The path forks after a few minutes of walking. Although both paths are beautiful, the bottom one will lead you further into the canyon.

Hiking here involves; climbing down stairs, walking over bridges, and leaping past waterfalls! There are many photo opportunities along the way, and not many people on the trail – making it a perfect place for a photo shoot! One of these places includes a small waterfall flowing perfectly on the edge of the path. On a hot day, it feels amazing to stand in it mist to cool off.

BASE Jumpers

Walking further along will lead to the I.B. Perrine Bridge. Standing under the giant structure is humbling. Any day that isn’t too windy, be ready for a surprise. BASE jumpers will likely put on a show for you! Depending on the day, BASE jumpers will jump every few minutes, some even jump together in groups.

Continue past the bridge to find the BASE jumper’s landing ground. Make sure to keep an eye on the sky to assure no one is going to land on you! From here, it is incredible to watch them stand on the tiny platform attached to the bridge, and jump into the air over the Snake River. They will float down – just yards in front of your eyes!

Other destinations around Mogensen Trail are; Perrine Coulee Waterfall, Centennial Waterfront Park, Canyon Rim Trail, Mermaid Cove, and Auger Falls. Perrine Coulee Waterfall can be seen while driving to Mogensen’s trail-head just West of the road. Grab a drink and a bite to eat at Canyon Crest or Elevation 486 to see a view of the canyon, and the path you just hiked!


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