Idaho has so many hidden gems it can be hard to see them all. Thats why we have listed them all out so you can make your Idaho Bucket List! Keep reading for the must see spots for an Idaho Road Trip!

1. Shoshone Falls

Known as the Niagara of the West, Shoshone Falls is a must stop on any Idaho road trip. Find the falls in the town Twin Falls and enjoy the thundering power of the 212 foot waterfall.

2.Box Canyon

Tropical water can be found in Idaho at Box Canyon! These vibrant pools glow in the sun, and you can hike 2 miles round trip to find even more blue pools and a waterfall.

Box Canyon, Thousand Springs State Park, Blue Water, Mermaid Tail, Sunrise, Spring

3. Rupert City Square

The Rupert City Square is a great place to stop on your road trip to do some shopping and dining. The buildings are all historic so it is a gorgeous street! Find local shops on every corner where you can taste delicious foods and shop cute souvenir shops! Some of our favorites are Sofie’s Chatterbox, Mad River Laser, and E-Street Deli. Another great building to view is the Wilson Theatre. The historic building is beautifully preserved and has shows often!

Rupert Square Fountain

4. City of Rocks National Reserve

Perhaps one of the most gorgeous landscapes in Idaho is the City of Rocks National Reserve. Located in the far south near the town of Almo sits a silent city of rocks and boulders. The park is drivable and hike able. Find climbers from all over the world enjoying the peaceful nature and wonderful rocks.

City of Rocks, snow, Almo, Idaho, Burley, Sunset

5. South Hills

About an hour south of Twin Falls are beautiful rolling hills. The South Hills have dozens of hikes you can go on, including the one pictured called Eagle Loop. Stop at any of the indicated pullouts to visit waterfalls, see wildflowers, and have some fun.

South Hills, Hike, Spring, Indian Paintbrush

6. Shoshone Ice Caves

Take a guided tour through a lava tunnel filled with ice! The Shoshone Ice Caves are a true nature phenomenon. The tour guides will tell you all the history about this cave, and what they are doing to preserve the ice within. Make sure to wear a jacket even on the hottest summer day!

Shoshone Ice Caves, Lava Tube, Shoshone Idaho, Sawtooth Scenic Byway

7. Little City of Rocks

The Little City of Rocks is off the beaten path and generally doesn’t see much foot traffic. The crazy rock shapes are fun to view and climb. Find arches and hoodoos on the 7 mile trail. The Little City of Rocks is located north of Gooding.

8. Ritter Island

Located near the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway is a beautiful island. It sits on the Snake River, but the water in-between Ritter Island and the mainland is vibrant blue! Swim, kayak, or chase waterfalls at Ritter Island.

Ritter Island State Park, Thousand Springs, Lemmon Falls, Waterfalls, Clear Water, Idaho Power Park, Kayaking, Southern Idaho, Hagerman

9. Craters of the Moon

See other worldly views at Craters of the Moon National Monument. Astronauts actually practices moon landings on Craters of the Moon because of its similarity. The entire park is hardened lava fields. It is truly an incredible place that you must see when passing through Idaho!