BASE jump at the Perrine Bridge

One of the only legal BASE jumping bridges in North America is the I.B. Perrine Bridge. Standing 486 feet high, thousands of adrenaline chasers travel to the bridge to make the leap. There is a perfect landing area on the south side of the river, and has a great hiking trail out of the canyon from the landing zone. If you’re not a high level sky diver or BASE jumper, Twin Falls has several academies to teach you how to accomplish this. These schools are taught by athletes and provide the best, most comprehensive BASE jumping instruction in the world!

Not looking to become a regular BASE jumper? For those that want to dare the jump on a whim, there is an opportunity to do a tandem BASE jump. Visitors can experience the thrill of BASE jumping with an experienced, licensed and insured professional. The company Tandem BASE is one of the best tandem providers and has taken people of all ages – including a daring 102 year old!  

Free Climb and Cliff Jump at Vineyards and Dierkes Lake

Calm lakes are located near waterfalls that dump into the Snake River. Two of them offer thrilling cliff jumping and free climbing walls. Vinyard Lake, located near the Hansen Bridge, has a large rock face that is great for free climbing. This is because the water below is deep enough to fall into if you’re less than or around 20 feet high. Dierkes Lake and Hidden Lakes, located in the same area, both have cliffs that are fun to jump off. Neither of these destinations have designated cliff jumping or signs, so please be careful on the ledges and where you are jumping. Always check the depth of water and if there are any large rocks beneath before getting on the cliffs. 

White Water Raft in Hagerman and Murtaugh

Idaho Guide Service takes groups out to experience the unique beauty of the Snake River Canyon and Salmon rivers. The Hagerman section of the Snake River is one of the most popular trips with them. In spring and early summer the waters rage and the rafting trip is extremely fun! They provide lunch on the full day excursion, squirt guns and let you float the river yourself! This is considered a CLASS 3 trip. Idaho Guide Service also guides the Murtaugh Section which is below Cauldron Linn Waterfall. This is rated a CLASS 4+/5 section in the spring time. 

Extreme Kayaking – Malad River and Snake River

The Malad River and Milner Mile are for extremely skilled kayakers only.  The Milner Mile is one of the most sought after stretches of whitewater in the world. The run is only available when water is released from Minidoka Dam at 10,000 cfs or higher. You can count on 1.6 miles of continuous V+ Class rapids. The Malad River will also test your aptitude. Put the kayaks in to the north of the highway bridge (1000 Springs Scenic Byway,) that is above Idaho Power’s project and prepare for the ride of your life! The Malad River meets the Snake River near a boat put-in area to the south. (CLOSED spring 2020.)

Another incredible kayak experience with less whitewater is Centennial Waterfront Park to Shoshone Falls! The 7.5 mile long paddle will take you under the Perrine Bridge, across Pillar Fall, and to the base of Shoshone Falls! The trip generally takes about 4-6 hours. 

Zipline inside a Canyon

AWOL Adventure Sports has an awesome zip-line that shows off views of the Snake River, Perrine Bridge and Perrine Coulee Falls. Zip lining is the perfect option for kids who are fearless, or want to become fearless! Tip upside down and soar with no-hands through the air! It begins at Canyon Springs Golf Course, and can be purchased online or on site at Centennial Waterfront Park. 

Climb at the City of Rocks

The City of Rocks National Reserve has unique granite boulders that turn the landscape into a ‘quiet city.’ Campers hikers, and of course climbers, visit from all over the world to view this historic geological wonder! Find intricate pinnacles, fins, and summits while climbing and exploring the area. There are sport and traditional routes for all levels of climbers. Located nearby is also Castle Rocks State Park which also sports incredible routes. Some popular routes are multiple on Breadloaves, Bath Rock West, Bumblie Rock, and Tahitian Rock. These are all around the level of 5.8. Stop in at the Visitors Center to get maps and further information when planning your climbing trip!

ATV in the South Hills

The South Hills are located in Twin Fall’s back yard, and sport 50+ miles of fun ATV Trail options! Diamond Field Jack has many riding trails and a large parking lot just after Magic Mountain Ski Resort. Located south of here is Porcupine Trailhead which is also a popular riding area. Moose enjoy roaming around this area! Phantom Falls is a great cool of area for the summer. The road to the waterfall is bumpy, so most enjoy driving ATV’s on it rather than their vehicle. It takes about 40 minutes to ATV from Diamond Field Jacks to the trailhead. The waterfall is then about 1.5 miles from the parking area. (CLOSED Fall 2020.) 

Kite Surf in Fairfield 

kiteboarding in Southern Idaho

Fairfield is known for its wide open spaces of the Camas Prairie. Snowmobilers, skiers, and snowboarders flock here for amazing snow, but it also provides perfect kite skiing surfaces! Head 20 miles west of Fairfield to spend the day floating! Check ahead for wind, snow, and visibility. March is the best time to get perfect conditions! 

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