The must-see landscape photography spots are listed for the best photographer trip to Southern Idaho

1.Shoshone Falls

The most iconic destination in Twin Falls is Shoshone Falls. The Niagara of the West is 212 ft tall, has a rainbow almost all day everyday, and looks incredible at sunrise and sunset. This place makes for the picture perfect post card!

2. Perrine Bridge

Seen from multiple views along the Snake River Canyon, the Perrine Bridge stands almost 500 ft tall. BASE jumpers leap from the bridge and the water stills at dusk. The famous and historic bridge is perfect to capture! Where do you need to stay to capture the Perrine Bridge and Shoshone Falls? Stay at a glorious hotel in Twin Falls, the TownePlace Inn and Suites! If you enjoy more of a boutique option, book a room at the Fillmore Inn.

3. City of Rocks

City of Rocks National Reserve is a landscape photographers dream

Amazing views of mountains and rocks are what you’ll see at the City! There are multiple places to take beautiful photos, including one of the most popular ‘Instagram worthy’ spots named Window Arch. Stay in an adorable glamping yurt and get even more photos there! A landscape photographer’s dream.

4. Box Canyon

landscape photography of Box Canyon by Earth to Sarah Media

Vibrant blue water photos are always beautiful, plus Box Canyon is shaped like a mermaid tail! There are multiple angles to photograph this gorgeous canyon as well as a hike past a waterfall that’s also super photogenic. A great place to stay nearby is Billingsley Creek Lodge. Landscape photography has never been so vibrant!

5. Pillar Falls

This other worldly location is stunning, sitting on the Snake River, the water can be still leaving a smooth reflection of the towering rocks. Photographs usually look like they are from another planet down here! Lodge at a beautiful new hotel that sits near the Snake River Canyon, TownePlace Suites and Marriott. 

6. Ritter Island

Landscape photo of Ritter Island

Lemon Falls located next to Ritter Island State Park is possibly one of the prettiest waterfalls out there! This accompanied with the vibrant blue water is the picture perfect due! Ritter Island has two really neat Airbnb’s you can stay in, right on the Island! 

7. Lake Cleveland

Photography of Lake Cleveland in Southern Idaho

Drive up the mountains past Albion to see gorgeous views. Just before the top of the mountain sits Lake Cleveland, a glistening alpine lake! Trees, wildflowers, and cliff sides surround the blue lake where kayaks and paddle boards float by. Lake Cleveland has a wonderful campground, or stay in a romantic suite at Best Western Burley. 

8. Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock makes a pretty neat selfie location because of its incredible shape! The huge boulder sits on a 3 foot by 17 inch pedestal, and legitimacy is balancing. Don’t worry, it won’t tip over any time soon so climb up to the top to get a photo with it!

Landscape photography of Balanced Rock

Happy travels, leave no trace, and enjoy the must-see landscape photo spots in Southern Idaho!