Rock Wren Hideaway – Glamping near City of Rocks & Castle Rocks State Park

The Rock Wren Hideaway is located in Elba near Almo, Idaho – famously known for Castle Rocks State Park and City of Rocks National Reserve. These parks showcase stunning granite features with pinion and juniper forests among sagebrush fields. Glamping near City of Rocks is a bucket-list experience! Rock Wren Hideaway provides a comfortable convenient outdoor hideaway. Families can connect with each other and nature through imagination and play.

Glamping near City of Rocks

Glamping near City of Rocks in Elba at the Rock Wren Hideaway provides clean, outdoor hideaway tents to reconnect with nature. Enjoy the rugged beauty of nature outside, and the clean comforts of home inside canvas bell tents. The City of Rocks Visitor Center is a short drive down the road. Get maps of the park as well as souvenirs. Drive the park for scenic views, and hike through rock formations to discover wonder.

The atmosphere is quiet in this neck of the woods. Birds sing and the occasional climber will signal to their partner that they are on repel. Otherwise, the park is known to be the Silent City. Many visitors find the experience peaceful and restorative. Staying in a unique accommodation like Rock Wren Hideaway will enhance your trip by being so close to nature.

Where to Eat and Hot Spring

Durfee Hot Spring in Almo Idaho near City of Rocks.

Food in Almo includes: The Lunchroom (open 11-3 6 days a week,) The Almo Outpost and Steakhouse (open seasonally.) Gas and treats can be found at Tracy’s General Store.

Durfee Hot Springs is located near the City of Rocks. Pay to get in and enjoy the pools with natural geothermal water. The hot springs provide benefits to your body and will perfectly contribute to your wellness vacation.