Shoshone Ice Caves and Idaho’s Mammoth Cave are incredibly unique places located north of Shoshone, Idaho. The Shoshone Ice Caves are located just over 16 miles north of Shoshone, and the Mammoth Caves are about 8 miles north of Shoshone. The drive is about 30 minutes from Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Shoshone Ice Caves

Shoshone Ice Caves, Lava Tube, Shoshone Idaho, Sawtooth Scenic Byway

The Shoshone Ice Caves are freezing cold and were created from volcanoes in the area. The cave filled with ice is a lava tunnel that is 1,000 feet long. In order to visit these caves you must book a tour. Tours can be scheduled ahead of time or on site. The guided tour will begin to take you over lava rocks and the information leader will explain history about the area. Then, you will walk through the lava rock entrance and put your jackets on to prepare for the chilly adventure. There is a wooden platform to allow safe passage right over the cave’s icy floor. See beautiful reflections and discover artifacts found within the cave as the guide tells you all the fascinating history!

The guided tour lasts about 30 minutes. After you’ve finished touring, make sure to browse their cave shop! It is loaded with souvenirs, rocks, geodes, crystals, and many other unique items. There are also some artifacts and displays around the parking lot to learn more history.

Idaho’s Mammoth Cave

Idaho’s Mammoth Cave is a quarter mile long! It is actually the largest underground lava cave in the world open to the public to explore. Unlike Shoshone Ice Caves, this is a self guided tour, but does have an entrance fee (this includes a lantern to explore). The path is even and well established for all abilities. The sheer size of the cave is amazing and there are plans to double the size of the trail.

After you’ve wandered through the dark cave, be sure to stop and see the The Shoshone Bird Museum and the Richard Olsen Museum of Natural History. There are hundreds of artifacts and unique taxidermy animals located within the lava rock building. If you are ready to see some cultural artifacts, taxidermy and other oddities, don’t miss Idaho’s Mammoth Cave and Bird Museum. It takes about 30 minutes to walk through the cave, and you’ll need at minimum 30 minutes to look through the museum.

Where to Eat and Stay when visiting Shoshone Ice Caves and Idaho’s Mammoth Cave

There are a couple restaurants to dine at in Shoshone. One of our favorites is the Manhattan Café located at 133 S Rail St W. This café has an expansive menu, and truly something for everyone. They are locally known for their delicious burgers and sandwiches. Another local spot is the Shoshone Snack Bar. The Snack Bar has all the best comfort food around like chicken strips, french-fries, burgers, and amazing ice cream! You can also get your food quickly if you’re on the way back to Twin Falls to stay for the night.

The La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham is located at 539 Pole Line Rd in Twin Falls. This hotel is a great location, just minutes from the Perrine Bridge. Giving you easy access to HWY 93 leading you north towards Shoshone Ice Caves and Idaho’s Mammoth Caves. It is a classy hotel with extremely comfortable rooms and a delicious free breakfast. Another perk of staying at the La Quinta is being just minutes from the Snake River Canyon and all the awesome hikes within.

Enjoy your time visiting Shoshone Ice Caves and Idaho’s Mammoth Cave and Bird Museum!