Lake Walcott State Park is a welcome refuge near Rupert.

Lake Walcott State Park is a hidden treasure, north of Rupert, Idaho. Take the Rupert Exit 211 and follow ID-24 W north for about an hour to reach the park entrance. Lake Walcott is an expansive park with luscious green grass, lake views and some of the oldest trees in the area. It’s quite humbling to stand under one and look up at its massive growth.

Water skiing, power boating, windsurfing, sailing and bird watching are only a few of the activities that will make your stay at Lake Walcott enjoyable. The top three things to do at Lake Walcott are birding, disc golf and fishing. Picnickers and users can enjoy the acres of grass beneath groves of stately eastern hardwoods.

There is an excellent 18 hole disc golf course. It is one of the best in the country and they host numerous tournaments during the summer months and into the fall. The Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge surrounds the park and is a haven for migrant birds. Hundreds of Great American White Pelicans flock to the area to rest and feast on fish.

Visitors can find multiple lodging types for their trip. There are cabins available for rent as well as a combination of full hook up and primitive campsites. They continue to add more facilities to Lake Walcott as it has become a great place for locals and visitors. Due to it’s excellent layout there are a few weekends they close off parts of the park for events. Call ahead to ensure availability and don’t forget your boat!

Nearby sites of interest include Minidoka County Historical Society near the park, Rupert City Square, and the historic railroad community of Minidoka.