Perrine Coulee Waterfall is an unexpected wonder, tucked in a corner of the Snake River Canyon. Located in Twin Falls, Idaho. The waterfall drops almost 200 feet and runs year round. Summer flows are stronger, but each season brings a different kind of beauty! A woman and two children smile as they stand in from of the Perrine Coulee Falls. 

Where to stay nearby? There are a few hotels less than 5 minutes away from Perrine Coulee! Check out the Towneplace Inn & Suites, Fairfield Inn, Quality Inn & Suites, and the Red Lion to be a short drive away. The Canyon Rim Trail spans for miles on the south side of the Snake River Canyon. Perrine Coulee can be seen from above on the Canyon Rim Trail. The closest business to park & see the falls is Redhawk. You can even dine and enjoy drinks on the Canyon Rim above the falls here. 

Perrine Coulee Falls can also be seen from eye level on your way to Centennial Waterfront Park. To park and walk behind Perrine Coulee, park at the bottom of the first switch back down Canyon Springs Grade. The waterfall is tucked away in a corner of the canyon and can be easily missed. There are several parking spots on the side of the road. 

The trail leading behind the fall is an easy walk and good for any skill level or age. The trailhead can be a little tricky and be prepared to get a little wet behind the waterfall. Leave no trace when visiting this beautiful waterfall. Do not tag or graffiti here. Do not leave trash behind. 

Visiting Icicle Perrine Coulee in the Winter Time

Frozen waterfall Perrine Coulee in Twin Falls Idaho. Winter Travel in Idaho.

During the winter time, this trailhead can be completely covered in ice due to freezing temperatures and water flow. Be extremely careful when visiting. Do not walk directly under icicles. Remember to leave no trace and watch your step!

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