Auger Falls Heritage Park is a 680 acre natural park located next to the Snake River.

The City of Twin Falls purchased the Auger Falls property in 2002. They then received more ground from the Bureau of Land Management via a Congressional transfer in 2011. The Auger Falls Heritage Park is an excellent place to see and experience the native landscapes of the canyon floor. It is also a great destination for hiking and low elevation mountain biking. The park also features historical viewpoints, hiking trails and fishing opportunities.

Auger Falls Skills Park  is located in the Auger Falls Wetland Preserve by following signs from the parking lot. There are levels of jumps here for beginners to advanced riders. Access to the jump park is all dirt trails so plan accordingly.

The Auger Falls waterfall can be found about a mile into the park on the Snake River. Other waterfalls, including Mermaid Falls can be seen there too. It is possible to bike from Auger Falls to Centennial Waterfront Park and to Perrine Coulee Waterfall where you can ride behind the falls.

Mountain biking below water falls at Auger Falls in the Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls, Idaho.