Billingsley Creek Lodge

Located on Idaho’s Thousand Springs Scenic Byway (Highway 30), the Billingsley Creek Lodge is a Hagerman oasis. Their rustic cabins and rooms offer a beautiful and relaxing destination.  The property has five rooms with decks overlooking the beautiful Billingsley Creek. This very special creek is fed from the natural springs of the Snake River Aquifer. The water is 58 degrees year-round and has been underground for hundreds if not thousands of years. It is an excellent spot for fly fishing or bird watching.

The lodge is located close to all outdoor activities including boating, fishing, bird watching, sightseeing.  It also neighbors Billingsley Creek State Park and and pathways.

The company also offers guided whitewater rafting, kayaking, boat tours, biking and equipment  rentals.  There is a large common area along the 1/4 stretch of the creek. There are tables, chairs and benches for guests to enjoy. This is a fantastic spot for those looking for a very special and unique experience.