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Date Night in Rupert, Idaho

Your perfect date night awaits in the romantic, historic town of Rupert. Spend the beautiful evening with your loved ones by enjoying the historic town, catching a show at the theatre, and enjoying the sunset at Lake Walcott. Your perfect date night awaits, and you don’t have to organize a thing. Just follow our plan and enjoy! 

Harry Potter Experience – Become a Wizard in Rupert, Idaho

Have you been waiting  to receive your letter from Hogwarts confirming that you’re a wizard? Here is your chance to live the life of Harry Potter and his friends! The Historic Wilson Theatre will transport you to the wizarding world of Harry Potter October 24, 25, or 26th! Harry Potter Experience This annual tradition in […]

Southern Idaho’s Hidden Gems

Scorched and scarred by lava, Southern Idaho’s desert landscapes can seem unforgiving — a  sea of sagebrush and lava rock that stretches beyond the horizon. For the unknowing traveler, she may seem dull or dry, but Southern Idaho’s true treasures lie beyond the surface. Adventurers that wander longer and look deeper are likely to discover […]

Southern Idaho Vacation: Most Commonly Asked Questions

Travel planning in Southern Idaho is a breeze! Not only will we answer the most commonly asked questions about traveling here, but we also will provide helpful tips! Check out our App, Visit Southern Idaho, for all directions and maps to every location in Southern Idaho too.

What to do During Thanksgiving Break in Southern Idaho

Traveling for the holidays has never been better! Whether your family is from Idaho, or you all decide to meet up for a fun vacation; we highly recommend this region. Southern Idaho is your place to truly enjoy the spirit of the holidays, get outdoors without freezing, and support unique local business when shopping for Christmas presents.

10 Indoor experiences in Southern Idaho

The indoors can be just as much adventure as the outdoors! Maybe the weather isn’t cooperating, the air quality is bad, or you just prefer being inside that day. No matter the cause, we have awesome locations for you to visit. Check our favorite 10 indoor experiences in Gooding, Burley, Hagerman, Shoshone, Rupert and Twin […]

Must See Spots for an Idaho Road Trip

Idaho has so many hidden gems it can be hard to see them all. Thats why we have listed them all out so you can make your Idaho Bucket List! See Box Canyon, City of Rocks, Ritter Island, Shoshone Falls, and more.