The indoors can be just as much adventure as the outdoors! Maybe the weather isn’t cooperating, the air quality is bad, or you just prefer being inside that day. No matter the cause, we have awesome locations for you to visit. Check our favorite 10 indoor experiences in Gooding, Burley, Hagerman, Shoshone, Rupert and Twin Falls.


1. Zeppes Pizza & Subs

Zeppes is one of those hidden gems you can’t skip. Drive up to Gooding and enjoy the best pizza or subs around! Then have some fun and play arcade games. They have a huge space filled with a variety of games as well as a pool table. Another amazing addition to the pizzaria and arcade is an ice cream shop! There are over a dozen flavors to choose from. The ice cream is located in the game room, just around the corner from the restaurant. To continue the fun at the hotel, we recommend staying at the University Inn. The large lodge has a lot of history. It was first a college, then turned into a Tuberculosis hospital, making it perfect for the family to run around and explore.


2. Arcadia

Arcadia throws back to old school & vintage arcade games, as well as the newest & coolest games out there today! It doesn’t matter your age, running around the neon arcade will make you feel like a kid again just having some fun. Friends and family alike will love the variety of choices plus get to eat delicious frozen yogurt! Nearby, try out the Boathouse restaurant in Burley for dinner! The Boathouse serves a variety of locally sourced foods and has a deck with a front row view of the river to dine on. The Best Western in Burley has incredible rooms, workout center, and hot tub/pool outside. It is located right off the interstate, and just minutes from downtown. 


3. Hot Springs

1,000 Springs Resort is an indoor natural hot spring that was made into a pool. There are private pools as well one large pool with water toys and basketball hoops. Both options use geothermal water sourced from the hot spring. Geothermal water has healing properties that will help alleviate muscle pain and reduce stress. The hot springs also have a concession stand with food and drinks. 1,000 Springs Resort has lodging options such as an airbnb, RV hook-ups and camping spaces. Down the road are a couple other notable places to stop for somewhat-indoor fun! There is a vineyard and winery called Holesinsky as well as two other hot springs! Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs also have pools and private rooms. 

Twin Falls

4. Gemstone

Gemstone Climbing Gym, Indoor Climbing Gym, Twin Falls, Rock Climbing, Downtown Twin Falls, Idaho

Gemstone Climbing offers incredible heights indoors! Climb at the state or the art facility and have a blast! Gemstone offers a climbing center, yoga studio, and a fitness gym. They have equipment available for rent if you need, but there is a boulder area as well as self-belaying ropes. The facility is also the first 100% ADA accessible climbing gym in the world! Gemstone is near another height defying space called Jumptime Idaho. Jumptime has trampoline walls and airbags, extreme dodgeball, inflatables, aeroball, and virtual reality. 

5. Rudy’s

Rudy’s is the largest retail kitchen supply store in Twin Falls and Southern Idaho. They are located in the historic Downtown Twin Falls. They host cooking classes and wine tastings as well as many other events. Call and book a wine tasting to taste the flavors and notes of Idaho. Cook with famous Idaho potatoes and other locally sourced ingredients! Saturdays are also a fun time to stop in for samples! All along Main Street you’ll find other delightful shops to stop in and enjoy the indoors. Twin Beans Coffee Co is a great place to grab a crepe or tea. Perrine Man is perfect for a souvenir. Don’t forget to check out Koto Brewing to try locally crafted draft beers, too! 

6. Hands On

Hands On gives the creatives of your life a chance to express themselves through paint! Walk-in and start painting your choice of pottery provided by Hands On. There are tons of colors to choose from as well as pottery pieces! Its a wonderful experience to see your loved ones get creative and make a masterpiece to take home! 

7. Bearded Axe

Bearded Axe, Axe Throwing, Twin Falls, Idaho

Bearded Axe is the perfect place to burn some energy and feel a powerful side of you! Bring your friends and drink of choice to the world class axe throwing gym. Book a lane and  enjoy a night of throwing axes! Once you get in the groove and nail the bullseye you’ll feel like a warrior! Just across the road is 2nd South Market. This newly renovated historic building was turned into a food hall. Good luck picking dinner to recover from axe throwing! There is pizza, sushi, coffee, barbecue, Mexican, ice cream, and of course a bar! Drink responsibly and get yourself a place to stay nearby like the historic Fillmore Inn.

8. Skateland

Magic Valley Skateland is exactly what you expect it to be; the land to skate! This iconic, neon, blacklight, disco themed skating rink is the best place to be inside. Skate to the groove of the music and lights and play retro skate rink games. They have been open since 1956 and still has extremely affordable prices for entry to this day. Enjoy our 7 indoor experiences in Twin Falls and Burley! 

9. Rupert

Rupert’s Historic Wilson Theatre is a beautiful building located on the Rupert Square. The theatre is well known for its stunning performances, incredible live music, and festive events! Every fall, you can enjoy the Wizarding World and enjoy what the gang at Hogwarts truly experienced. Then, come Christmas they have a lovely celebration filled with joy and cheer. Other events throughout the year are wonderful for kids. They are the Princess Tea Party, where princes and princesses alike all join together and have tea and cookies together. Then, for the superheroes out there, attend the Superhero Adventure event! It’s an exciting day where they will enjoy escape rooms, train rides, super sumo wrestling and more. They have concerts and plays often as well. The theater itself is gorgeous on the inside and outside still representing its beauty that was originally designed and built in 1920. Private tours are also available.

10. Bowling Allies

All around Southern Idaho you can find the perfect places to bowl. Shoshone, Twin Falls, Burley and Jerome have bowling alleys, so you could even do a tour to each town! Mountain View Lanes is one of our favorites located in Shoshone. They serve coffee, food and fun energy! It’s a cool location, especially because it’s only a quick drive south of Ice Caves and lava tunnels! The Bowladrome is in Twin Falls. They have a variety of events and always is a good time. Jerome Bowling Center and the Snake River Bowl are others to practice your skills and teach the family how it’s done!

Puder’s Pizza is featured in the image, where you can bowl and enjoy delicious pizza, located in Burley. The locally owned restaurant is welcoming all visitors and it is the perfect place to spend a cold winter day.