Traveling for the holidays has never been better. We highly recommend this region whether your family is from Idaho, or you all decide to meet up for a fun vacation! Southern Idaho is your place to truly enjoy the spirit of the holidays, get outdoors without freezing, and support unique local business when shopping for Christmas presents. Continue reading for our suggestions on what to do during Thanksgiving break in Southern Idaho. 

Teepee Rocks, South Hills

Book an Awesome Airbnb to Fit the Whole Family

There are stunning Airbnbs all around the area that offer beautiful river, valley, and mountain views. A great location to choose is Burley, Idaho. The city is small, and less well known than others surrounding. This makes the prices for a huge Airbnb affordable! The Snake River runs right through town as well as the interstate. South of town you will find the dreamy, City of Rocks, Castle Rocks, Pomerelle Mountain, Oakley Reservoir, Teepee Rocks, and the South Hills. One of the highest rated Airbnbs in Burley is Riverside Retreat. The large riverfront home sleeps 10 guests and has 2 bathrooms. Thanksgiving cooking in this accommodation is a dream as it has every kitchen essential you could need. The home overlooks the Snake River where you can watch beautiful sunsets and create memories with your loved ones.

Go on a Day Trip of Adventure

City of Rocks

Nature is endless when you drive south of Burley. City of Rocks National Reserve is about an hour drive from Burley on the east side of the Albion Mountains. This time of year you can expect to have almost the entire park to yourself, which is substantial considering how huge the park is! Find natural arches, funky shaped boulders, and lots of views in all directions. Depending on the weather, you can drive all the way through the National Reserve with a vehicle. If it is snowy, the road closes past Bath Rock. Typically in November, there are dustings of snow but the weather still remains in the 40s-50s most days. There are hiking trails throughout the park. Snowshoe rentals are available at the Visitor’s Center if it’s a crazy snow year.

Castle Rocks

Nearby is Castle Rocks State Park, another magnificent view of boulders and mountains. Cache Peak towers above Castle Rocks and it will likely be covered in sparkling snow by Thanksgiving Break. There are also many hiking trails in Castle Rocks. Please note there is no service in the City of Rocks or Castle Rocks so do not attempt driving through snow if you aren’t sure about your vehicle’s abilities. Always be safe when recreating outdoors in the late fall/winter. Take a hot spring swim at Durfee Hot Springs near the parks. It’s a great way to warm up and burn some energy after sitting in the car! There is a large pool as well as smaller pools all ranging in temperatures. The water is sourced from natural geothermal energy and provides health benefits such as muscle relaxation and stress relief.

Teepee Rocks, Oakley, Idaho, Hike, Mountain Bike

South Hills

On the west side of the Albion Mountains lies Teepee Rocks and the South Hills. Drive South of Burley through Oakley and towards Trapper Creek Road. The narrow gravel road (only for high clearance vehicles) will take you past Oakely Reservoir and towards the rolling hills locals call the South Hills. The South Hills are home to many lovely hikes including Teepee Rocks. The tuff rocks can be found about 20 minutes past Oakley Reservoir Remember to leave no trace when visiting!

Shop Local Markets and Businesses

North of Burley is an adorable town that has been named the Christmas City, USA. Rupert, Idaho has an historic town square that gets decorated in holiday spirit for their annual Christmas City Market. The first weekend is November 25-26 (2022) from 5-9PM & second weekend 2nd-3rd. The Christmas City Market has tons of shopping, food trucks, an ice skating rink, carolers and more! November 25th is also the 40th annual Christmas Lighting and Fireworks! Visiting this market is the perfect way to put you and your family in the holiday spirit.

If you like to shop for Black Friday we recommend taking a half hour drive to Twin Falls, Idaho. Twin Falls is a large city equip with all the stores you can get your discounted prices at over Thanksgiving Break. There are many locally owned shops that are great to support too! Downtown Twin Falls is where you’ll find most of them. Check out Perrine Man, Unique Twist Jewelry, Divine Style, Brass Monkey, Fashion 15 Below, Rudy’s A Cook’s Paradise, Bull Moose Bicycles, Jensen Jewelers and more! Be sure to check store hours as they are local families who may take the holiday off.

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