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Profile BASE Jumper: Vincent Cotte

Vincent Cotte

Veush is an especially diverse talent. His skydiving resume’ is one of the more impressive in the world, with a Vice World Championship Title (2016), a European Championship Title (2017), and an overall World Cup win in 2017, and a Euro Head Down record. He is a member of the French National Freefly Team. He is also known for his BASE jumping exploits, including the mind-blowing opening of the Brevent in a tracking suit.
Veush started skydiving in 2005, and began BASE a few years later. As of late 2017, he has around 5000 skydives and 1020 BASE jumps from cliffs, mainly in the Alps. He says that his goal is to be multi-skilled jumper so that he can do whatever he wants in all areas of the sport, while enjoying himself and pushing forward in every environment.