Profile BASE Jumper: Scott Paterson - Visit Southern Idaho
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Scott Paterson

scotty pScott Paterson is from Western Australia.  He really loves BASE jumping, skydiving and flying wingsuits. Currently, he has 2800+ skydives and 1200+ BASE Jumps, with 2600+ of those in a wingsuit. Scott says BASE represents freedom, travel, adventure and good friends. His primary motivation in life is exploring the world with a parachute and wingsuit to fly as much as possible. I am also very passionate about teaching and am very fortunate to be able to travel the world sharing these experiences along the way.

Best known as Scotty P, he is a true skydive and base junkie. He is often seen, mid-party, with his hot-chick girlfriend in a nice party outfit holding on to his pilot chute as he just HAS to get one more shot of adrenaline. Scotty P has pulled off 26 meter jumps into caves of Portugal, XRW with speed flyers in Chamonix or filmed epic proximity footage.  Knowing his motivation, these numbers will not slow down, just as we hope his images of the sport will continue to inspire.