Nestled in the hills south of Twin Falls, the Hummingbird Trail or Sanctuary is a magical place. The flutter of dozens of Hummingbird wings makes the area feel alive.

Hummingbird Sanctuary, South Hills, Southern Idaho

The Hummingbird Trail is situated next to a creek and the road. A small group of pine trees form the sanctuary and about 30 or so humming bird feeders hang in the trees. Private citizens maintain the feeders during the summer. Hundreds of Hummingbirds flock here to rest and replenish. It is a great activity for families. The viewing area is a quick walk from the car and, if needed, the creek can provide additional entertainment. The best time to see the birds is at sunset!

It is the most peaceful and wonderful place to hang out and enjoy life. Getting here requires the drive up almost to Magic Mountain, but instead turn west towards Rogerson. This road will lead you over the mountains and to the Humming Bird Sanctuary located in the valley next to a creek. It is only accessible May-October. Check road conditions in off season. Link for Google Map instructions

Camping is available nearby, or stay in a lovely hotel in Twin Falls, Idaho.