The Black Magic Slot Canyon is tucked away north of Shoshone, and west of Richfield. Drive north of Shoshone on HWY 93, past Johnny’s Country Store, and take road 520 to the east. Follow this road to the end and pull up to the old dam. Here, there is a parking area above the dam. Walk down the sandy rocks and emerge slowly into the incredible Black Magic Slot Canyon. The further into the cave you get, the deeper it gets! Also, more rock formations will block the path. This requires some moderate climbing and sturdy shoes.

The smooth lava rock came from the Shoshone Lava Flow, but about 10,000 years ago the Big Wood River powerfully carved through the lava rock creating this canyon. It is similar texture to the Utah slot canyons, and is even more intense with the harsh black walls! This adventure is ONLY accessible in the fall and early winter. Flash Floods can occur all other times of year, and there is no warning when the canyon will fill up with water. Be sure to check water conditions before visiting.

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