Southern Idaho is full of beautiful places to photograph. The winter time brings a whole new look to the area, and even ads some photo opportunities. The 5 places to photograph this winter that must be on your list are: 

  • Snowy Snake River Canyon
  • “Icicled” Perrine Coulee
  • Eagle Tree
  • Frozen Ross Falls
  • Chilly Sunset at Balanced Rock

1) Snowy Snake River Canyon

The Snake River Canyon doesn’t always have snow throughout the winter, but when it does, it must be photographed! The south side of the canyon (Twin Falls) will generally get the snow to stick longer because it’s in the shade. There are also icicles on this side of the canyon throughout winter. Because of this, we recommend visiting the north (Jerome) side of the canyon for photos to capture the opposite side! The area is called the Snake River Canyon Parks.

2) Icicles at Perrine Coulee

This stunning waterfall will have icicles all around it whenever the temps are below 30’s consistently. The waterfall itself does not freeze, making a very beautiful, steamy view! PLEASE be careful if walking under the icicles. We recommend not walking behind the waterfall because the ice falls. See views of the Snake River Canyon, Canyon Springs Golf Course, and Centennial Waterfront Park at Perrine Coulee.

3) Eagle Tree in Hagerman/Wendell

Go to the Eagle Tree in Hagerman/Wendell at sunset for the best chance to capture the eagles! They are only in Southern Idaho December-February, with the majority of them around end of January. Please read out Eagle Tree article to avoid trespassing when visiting the eagles. No drones allowed.

4) Frozen Ross Falls

The South Hills are magical in the winter time, and this hidden gem is no exception. Snow shoe or x-country ski into Ross Falls, only a 1 mile round trip hike. The waterfall is located just before Magic Mountain Ski Resort.

5) Balanced Rock at Sunset

Balanced Rock in the snow is a beautiful sight, especially at sunset! The rock is such a crazy shape and can be seen from the road, or can be hiked up to and behind. When hiking in the snow/ice be careful as the trail is steep and slippery. Bring crampons if conditions are very icy.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to 5 beautiful places to photograph this winter in Southern Idaho! Check road conditions before exploring and have an amazing time capturing the wild views of Idaho.