Traveling to Southern Idaho in the winter time can give you many opportunities for a variety of adventures. You can have all the fun in the snow you could imagine, or stay out of snow completely and pretend it’s spring time already in the Magic Valley.

So what is there to do in the winter time in Southern Idaho? Check out Idaho Ski Resorts, hot springs, and hiking in the Magic Valley! 

Southern Idaho Ski Resorts 

Magic Mountain Ski Resort

Magic Mountain Ski Resort is a little “ma and pop” locally owned resort south of Twin Falls. This is a small hill in comparison to other Idaho Ski Resorts, but there is so much fun to be had! Skis, snowboards, helmets, and boots are available for rental. They have x-country skis available for rent. There are tons of x-country ski trails all around Magic Mountain. The magical mountain also has a tubbing hill! You get to rent a tube and use the pulley system up the hill. Then, enjoy the ride! 

Soldier Mountain Ski 

Soldier Mountain is north of Fairfield and is another great opportunity to ski. There are 2 lifts at Soldier Mountain and the snow is awesome during peak season. They offer Cat Ski Trips where you can ride to the top of the mountain in a comfy snowcat and snowboard or ski down the untouched powder. Soldier has a wonderful lodge to hang out, rent equipment, and grab delicious food and drink. 

Pomerelle Ski Mountain

Located south of Burley is Pomerelle, one of the most popular resorts in Southern Idaho. The mountain provides 500 acres of terrain over 22 trails. Pomerelle is also known for its wonderful powder days. There is a lodge to rent equipment as well as get food and drink. Pomerelle is locally owned and is a wonderful resort to spend your day at. 

More Fun to have in the Snow

Southern Idaho has 3 lovely ski resorts to recreate at, but there are other snow sport opportunities too! X-country skiing and snowshoeing are also a blast. Head up to Craters of the Moon National Monument to zoom around the snow covered loop trail. Craters has rentals at the Visitors Center provided the weather is cooperating. Craters of the Moon is a hardened lava field, and when it’s covered in snow, the landscape is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Snowshoeing at Craters of the Moon

City of Rocks National Reserve also has snow shoe rentals at the Visitors Center. Snow shoeing at the City of Rocks is an adventure. Explore through giant granite boulders and in valleys below the mountains. Nearby is Castle Rocks State Park where you can also take your rentals and explore. 

Snowshoeing at City of Rocks

Stay mostly out of the Snow in the Magic Valley

Occasionally the Magic Valley will get snow, but it’s not as often as some of the surrounding areas. Even if there is snow in the winter, you will still be able to do the hikes we recommend. 

Miracle Hot Springs

Soak in some lovely Idaho hot springs! Nothing is more peaceful than getting a room or enjoying the general pool at Miracle Hot Springs, especially in the winter time. The chilly air makes for a steamy experience. Don’t worry, the changing rooms and bathrooms are heated. Enjoy the benefits from geothermal water like less stress and better sleep.

Perrine Coulee

Chase a frozen waterfall scene at Perrine Coulee in Twin Falls. Park in designated parking on the road down to Centennial Waterfront Park, or below the waterfall in the dirt parking lot. Be careful when walking under the icicles! The walkway is slippery and the icicles can fall.

Dierkes Lake

Dierkes Lake, Twin Falls, Idaho

Dierkes Lake Urban Trails lead around a beautiful lake that sits above Shoshone Falls. The loop trail is just under 2 miles. The hike is incredible, leading through a boulder field, up on top of the Snake River Canyon, and of course views of the lake. Sunrise and sunset views are next level at Dierkes Lake. 

Box Canyon (Thousand Springs State Park)

The Hagerman Valley has lots of magical places around, and a local favorite is Box Canyon. At the lookout, you’ll see blue lakes at the base of a deep canyon. In the winter time you’ll likely see eagles flying as they migrate to a tree nearby December-February. Stay at the lookout for an easy adventure, or hike down into Box Canyon to see a 30 foot waterfall and more blue pools. The hike is just under 3 miles total. Leave no trace!

Little City of Rocks

The perfect winter hike awaits at the Little City of Rocks which is located north of Gooding. The road to get here can get muddy in the winter, so plan to hike in a mile or so to the park. Then, the loop trail leads 7 miles total. Right at the entrance the the park are rock formation you can climb through and hike around. There are arches, hoodoos, and funky shaped rocks.

How to travel with care around Idaho: