Holesinsky Vineyard and Winery located on Thousand Spring Scenic Byway

Holesinsky is a gorgeous vineyard and winery right outside of Buhl, Idaho. It is tucked away between trees and a beautiful little lake. Enjoy sipping local Idaho wine while taking in the gorgeous day. Pet and feed ducks, pet the dog who lives there, and taste many reds and whites. The wines are each special in their own way because of the hard work this local family puts in. Experimenting with fruits and other ingredients, these wines will sooth your taste buds.

Holesinsky’s Vineyard and Winery was established in 2001 with the planting of 1000 chardonnay. The growth continued and they now have a large variety of wine. The Vineyard is free of chemicals and pesticides, plus it does not use any synthetic fertilizers, weedkillers or fungicides. The Winery also puts on events such as movie nights, yoga and wine, and other fun times!

Holesinsky has dozens of attractions nearby. Also in the Hagerman Valley, visit Ritter Island, Box Canyon State Park, Niagara Springs, and many other gorgeous locations. Billingsley Creek Lodge is a wonderful place to stay nearby. Find a plethora of Airbnb options as well as hotels within 30 minutes of Holesinsky Winery along the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway.