Are you searching for the best waterfalls in Southern Idaho?

Enjoy our Top Ten Waterfalls list starting with number 10:

10. Niagara Springs

Niagara Springs is a unit of Thousand Springs State Park where you can see pools of blue water as well as a fascinating waterfall. This waterfall is unique because it emerges from the ground! The source is an aquifer making the water bright blue. Visit the State Park any time of year to witness its beauty. The waterfall is about 35 minutes from Twin Falls.

9. Ross Falls 

Ross Falls, South Hills, Fall, Low Water, Idaho

Ross Falls is a beautiful little waterfall in the South Hills. It is about a half mile hike to this waterfall. The water runs year round, but is strongest in the spring. In the winter the waterfall freezes over creating an ice wall on the rocks! The trail to Ross Falls is about 45 minutes south of Twin Falls. 

8. Devil’s Washbowl

Malad Gorge, Hagerman, Idaho

Malad Gorge is a very neat place hidden beneath the interstate! It is located at Malad Gorge, best seen by walking over the bridge that is parallel to the interstate, then hike along the canyon. The park is another unit of Thousand Springs State Park. Malad Gorge is 45 minutes from Twin Falls.

7. Auger Falls

Auger Falls, Waterfall, Sunset, Twin Falls

Auger Falls is one of the extremely fun hikes you can explore in the Snake River Canyon. The hike is about 2 miles to the river waterfall known as Auger Falls. See many waterfalls including Mermaid Cove while embarking on the hike. The waterfall runs year round as it is in the Snake River, but is most powerful in the spring. Auger Falls is about 10 minutes from Twin Falls. 

6. Mermaid Cove

Mermaid Cove can be found on the Jerome side of the Snake River Canyon on Yingst Grade. There are two parts to the waterfall, one at the beginning of the trail which is more of a cove area. Continue hiking down the grade to see a taller waterfall below! The views of the Snake River are beautiful here. The waterfall runs generally early summer through late fall. The hiking trail is only about 15 minutes from Twin Falls.

5. Perrine Coulee

Perrine Coulee has recently blown up on Instagram because you can get the perfect photo here, without having to hike far! Walk around and under the towering waterfall right above Centennial Waterfront Park. The waterfall runs year round, but is strongest in the summer time. In the winter you can see icicles all around. It is right in Twin Falls in the Snake River Canyon. 

4. Twin Falls Waterfall

Twin Falls, Waterfalls, Damn, Twin Falls, Idaho

The city of Twin Falls got its name from a waterfall called Twin Falls! This waterfall is currently a dam and supplies farmers and the city with water. Visit this waterfall in the spring to see it at its biggest! There is a nice park here to hang out with friends and family. Twin Falls Waterfall is only about 10 minutes from Twin Falls. 

3.  Lemmon Falls 

Ritter Island State Park, Thousand Springs, Lemmon Falls, Bridge, Fall, Hagerman Idaho, Thousand Springs Festival of the arts

Lemmon Falls looks over Ritter Island, another unit of Thousand Springs State Park. The waterfall is extremely photogenic and runs year round. The best way to see it is when Ritter Island’s bridge is open because you can walk over the bridge and see the waterfall above a vibrant blue water river. Ritter Island is open May to September, but the waterfall is accessible year round and runs all year. This waterfall is about 45 minutes from Twin Falls. 


2. Box Canyon Waterfall

Box Canyon is a stunning hike that showcases vibrant blue water pools and of course, a stunning waterfall. This waterfall runs year round and is about 30 feet tall. Visit it any time of year to see its beauty. Box Canyon is also a unit of Thousand Springs State Park. It is located about 45 minutes from Twin Falls. 

1. Shoshone Falls

Our number one favorite waterfall is Shoshone Falls! The Niagara of the West is a stunner. This waterfall is best seen in the spring, but even when it is dry it is a gorgeous view. Shoshone Falls is the most popular waterfall destination in Idaho. Find an expansive park to hang out at and access to the Canyon Rim Trail. Find little waterfalls throughout the area and enjoy Shoshone Falls itself. Shoshone Falls is just outside of Twin Falls by a few minutes. 

March 2024 Update: You cannot currently kayak past Pillar Falls. When kayaking at Centennial Waterfront Park, you will be required to get a (complimentary) hot wash from Idaho State Department of Agriculture. More information here: