Make your Instagram glow! Take selfies with waterfalls, caves, beautiful mountains and more! Here are our top 10 Instagramable spots in Southern Idaho.

Lemon Falls – Ritter Island

Ritter Island State Park, Thousand Springs, Lemmon Falls, Waterfalls, Clear Water, Idaho Power Park, Kayaking, Southern Idaho, Hagerman

Park in the parking lot to Ritter Island, but before you explore the bridge; hike to Lemon Falls! The trail follows the river south. You can see the waterfall from Ritter Island’s bridge and makes a great photo with the blue water in front! 

City of Rocks National Reserve

The City of Rocks is our most photographed location in Southern Idaho. Every direction you look is the perfect photo background. Try hiking to Window Arch to get a photo inside of an arch with a gorgeous backdrop!

Shoshone Falls – Twin Falls

Do go chasing waterfalls in Twin Falls! Shoshone Falls is the Niagara of the West because it is taller than Niagara Falls. Take a selfie on the platform for the closest view, or kayak 8 miles to get the most epic adventure photo possible!

Box Canyon – Thousand Springs State Park

Blue water is trending on Instagram and we have the perfect place for you. Explore Box Canyon State Park to see a mermaid shaped, blue water pool, a waterfall, and another giant pool! The waterfall is a wonderful place to get a family photo.

Perrine Coulee – Twin Falls

This waterfall lets you walk under and around. You will get wet, but that makes the photo and experience even better! Stand behind it to be lined up perfectly with the waterfall. 

Mt Harrison – Albion

Mount Harrison, Albion Mountains, Albion, Idaho, Sunset

Take a photo on top of Southern Idaho at Mt Harrison! Drive up the beautiful mountain road past Pomerelle and Lake Cleveland which also are great photo opportunities. 

Castle Rocks State Park

Neighbor to City of Rocks, Castle Rocks has the coolest yurt to stay in and take photos of #yurtlife. There are also many trail options to explore around the granite boulders where you will have gorgeous views of the mountains above.

Camas Prairie 

Once a year the photographers jump for joy as the Camas Lilies bloom. An entire marsh glows purple in the beginning of June as the flowers bloom. Put your dress on and watch your step so you don’t step on any flowers! 

Skillern Hot Springs

Skillern Hot Springs, Fairfield Idaho, Hike, Sawtooth Mountains, Soak, Camp, Backpack

It’s a 6 mile round trip hike to Skillern Hot Springs, but you’ll be in the perfect spot for a “travel influencer”  photo opportunity. Make sure to come prepared for the hike as it is demanding and long. Don’t forget to #idahohotsprings! 

Shoshone Ice Cave 

Shoshone Ice Caves, Lava Tube, Shoshone Idaho, Sawtooth Scenic Byway

Head underground to get a photo inside an ice cave! Wait till you get to the back of the cave and take a photo looking to the front for a beautiful composition! 

Enjoy exploring around Southern Idaho while in search for the perfect photos! Tag @visitsouthidaho on Instagram for the chance to be featured.