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Profile BASE Jumper: Andy Lewis

Andy Lewis

I’m locally ubiquitous,

      Quixotic, methodical, meticulous.

Prolific, prophetic, progressive, poetic,

       impeccably presumptuous and unapologetic.

An auspicious, infamous aficionado.

       Dabbling artisan brandishing braggadocio.

Socratic, arithmetic, comprehensively cantankerous.

         Brazen, incorrigible, phantasmagorical; Pugnacious.

 Preposterously lucky, and a hopeless romantic,

       with an Innovative, creative, polarizing dynamic.

Predominantly purpose-driven, predictably unpredictable

       A poised ambassador as certifiably awesome, as he can be despicable…

Numbers, stuff, and things of interest

Professional International Performer, Entertainer, Speaker, and Ropes Rigger– 

  ~250+ Million Views Online // 400+ k Followership

  -International award winning film– SKETCHY ANDY the movie (2011/12) Reel Rock / Sender Films

  -Duet with Madonna on the Super Bowl Half Time Show 2012 (120million LIVE)

  -4-time overall world Trickline champion (2008,2009,2010,2011) Gold 2012.

Current US Record Holder:

    -LONGEST HIGHLINE walked 888m (Nov 2018)

    -LONGEST/ Highest Freesolo Highline Walk (55m, 180′ // 2011)

    -HIGHEST Highline Walked (no leash just a parachute between hot air balloons.) (4000ft)  (2014)

    -Guinness World Record Holder for Most Slackline Surfs in 1 minute (2010)

BASE #1631

~2000+ BASE Jumps// 1100+ Skydives // 600+ Tandem Skydives

-Most BASE Jumps in a day packing for myself – 34

-Most BASE Jumps in three days packing for myself- 73

-Safety Crew & Special Guest for KL 2012, 2014 (Organized the Ramps, and Built the Rope Swing, Over 200 Jumpers, No Serious Injuries)

-Most Innovative BASE Jumper Award 2012 KL TOWER.

-Creator of the well known Pentagon Space Net (Over 1300 exits from over 500 jumpers over the course of 3 years. No Serious Injuries)

-Headed Rigging and Development of Americas Longest Zip Line ever slid and BASE jumped 600m slidable, 1100m long.

-Owner of BASE Jump Moab