Your own private island. Ritter Island is one of the seven units in Thousand Springs State Park

Ritter Island is home to one of the last remaining areas of natural springs in the Thousand Springs complex. Named after an enterprising Utah woman, Minnie Milner Springs is one of the bigger springs. She built a successful dairy on Ritter Island and became famous for her prize winning herd of Guernsey Cattle.  Built in in the early 1900’s, Minnie’s barn is preserved on the island today and is open to the public. You can follow a trail from her old farm to the clear springs that bear’s her daughter’s name.

A two-mile path circles the island and showcases beautiful views of the Snake River. When the weather is warm, it’s an ideal swimming hole or place to paddle a canoe, kayak, or SUP. For the best route follow the channel below the springs to the Snake River and circle the island in a clockwise direction.

To see another great falls, Lemon Falls, up close there is 1.5 mile trail to Bonnieview. The trail is named for Miller’s daughter and leads to the site of the Payne Lewis Ferry Crossing on the Snake River.

In September, Ritter Island hosts the popular annual Thousand Springs Festival, featuring arts and crafts, music, and food and drink.

Ritter Island is easily accessible from the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway.