The Rail Street Emporium is managed by local partners who have a passion for picking and finding treasures. The antique and local creator shop is located next to the Manhattan Café in Shoshone at 135 South Rail Street West. 

Historic and Haunted

135 South Rail is most popularly known by the locals as the Grosse Drug Store. It has been around since the early 1900’s. It was a booming time for Shoshone and several of the buildings were built during this time. Many of the folks who grew up in Shoshone can say they worked behind the counter of the drug store. It has since been a handful of other businesses, but now has a whole new look and purpose!

The partners of Rail Street Emporium spoke of a ghost that moves the bike (pictured above their heads in the photo,) often. His name is Henry, and he died in either the late 1930’s or early 1940’s. A medium has confirmed that he is a friendly ghost, and is just pulling a prank by moving the bike. Henry wanders through all the historic buildings that are connected on South Railroad Street including Manhattan Café and the Ice Cave Shop.

Find all sorts of incredible items here!

There is a wonderful assortment of crystals, gems, and all the handcrafted jewelry you could imagine. Also find a plethora of rare and unique historic items. The owners are pickers themselves, and offer the opportunity to other antique collectors to sell their items in the shop. Local artists are also able to display and sell their creations. It is a store you could spend hours in discovering all of the coolest objects and articles.

What to do in Shoshone

While you’re in Shoshone don’t forget to stop in at the other amazing businesses nearby. Continue antiquing by visiting 2nd Time Around Antique Mall, or get ice cream at Shoshone Snack Bar. A great place for dinner is right next door at the Manhattan Café. The Manhattan Café is known for its delicious variety of foods as well as their home made baked goods!

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The Shoshone Ice Caves are north of town. These caves have a sister shop in Shoshone just a couple buildings down from Rail Street Emporium called the Ice Cave Shop. The actual ice caves can be explored with a local tour guide. Book online or visit them 17 miles north of Shoshone – you won’t miss the giant dinosaur and bright red buildings!