Magic Valley Brewing

If you’re looking for a place to relax and sample some delicious local drinks, Magic Valley Brewing is the place to be!

Magic Valley Brewing

This family-owned establishment has two locations in Southern Idaho. One is in Twin Falls, the other in Buhl. Visiting either location results in a relaxing stay with good food and great craft beverages.

Food and Drinks

Magic Valley Brewing provides customers with locally sourced ingredients as much as possible, which means that visitors get delicious, wholesome meals and drinks. Popular beers stay up year round, and other drafts are rotated, new and old, depending on the season. These range from ciders, wheats, IPAs, stouts, to porters. Because the prices are low compared to nearby breweries, all the locals love drinking here! It is recommended to try all the beers possible as they all bring a new, unique taste to the table.

You can find out more about the different alcohol choices this local provides here.