The Idaho’s Mammoth Cave is the largest volcanic cave in the world open to the public.

Named due to its immense size, Idaho’s Mammoth Cave is one of the largest volcanic caves in the world open to the public. With its unique and awe-inspiring underground landscape, the cave is the perfect destination for those seeking relief from the glaring desert sun to its 40-degree subterranean temperature during the summer. As a top Idaho attraction, this is a must-see destination. It is perfect for those who appreciate the natural beauty of the American West and want to experience the region’s rich history.

Shoshone Bird Museum of Natural History

Also featured are two museums of Natural History: The Shoshone Bird Museum of Natural History and the Richard Arthur Olsen Museum of Natural History, named after its late founder. Each museum offers visitors a comprehensive view of the natural and cultural history of the world. Exhibits include an amazing array of fossils, rocks, gemstones, animals, and cultural artifacts worldwide.

Take a Tour

The cave has a self-guided tour that takes approximately half an hour. The walk a quarter-mile in and a quarter-mile out on a well-established trail. Lanterns are provided, but flashlights are always fun to bring along. Wearing a light jacket and good walking shoes is recommended. For more information or to plan a visit, visit or call (208) 329-5382.  It’s a must-see destination for anyone interested in natural history and the science of geology.