As the leaves turn gold and red, Southern Idaho’s fishing and hunting opportunities go into overdrive. Fall is the best time to hit up Southern Idaho’s lakes and reservoirs for fat fish, while the region’s unparalleled chukar hunting attracts game bird lovers from far and wide.

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Fall Fishing Is Off The Hook

Autumn is prime trout fishing time. Hagerman hatcheries supply the bulk of the trout shipped to restaurants across the United States, and the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area in Thousand Springs is a great place to take the kids during a crisp autumn day. And don’t forget to check out the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway while you’re there!

Other fantastic fishing areas include Bell Rapids, Magic Reservoir, Lake Walcott, Oakley Reservoir, Malad River, and Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir.

Of course, there’s far more than trout available in Southern Idaho. Lake Walcott is home to smallmouth bass, and you can find some of the best walleye fishing in the state at Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir and Oakley Reservoir.

Want some expert help? There are several fishing guides in Southern Idaho, including Southern Idaho Fishing Excursions and the venerable Idaho Guide Service.

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On the Hunt in Southern Idaho

Southern Idaho is legendary for its chukar and gray partridge hunting. These game birds thrive in rocky sagebrush country, making the Magic Valley the perfect spot to nab a few of these tasty prey.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game predicts that this fall will offer great hunting for Columbian sharp-tailed grouse, California quail, and forest grouse, as well as the aforementioned chukar and partridge. Read more about gaining access to hunting grounds and what to expect in Fish and Game’s 2016 game bird trends guide.

Other hunting opportunities: Mule deer and white-tailed deer abound in Unit 54, an area that encompasses more than 900 square miles of ground. You’ll also find great elk hunting, and elusive moose and pronghorn antelope — even mountain lions during their late-winter season.