Traveling solo always requires research on the area to assure it is a compatible location. It is important as a solo woman traveler to feel at ease while adventuring and having fun. Idaho is a safe state, which is why we encourage women travelers to come from near and far to experience our amazing landscapes!

Hiking Alone

As a woman who was new to the area a year ago, I was nervous about hiking alone. The more adventures I have partaken on, though, the less I feel that way! While on hikes, I am greeted by everyone I pass. The locals are kind and happy to give directions if needed. You won’t always pass someone, but when you do, they are likely to wish you a good rest of your hike and carry on.

Setting up in Twin Falls will give you hundreds of options to hike. Minutes from town are Auger Falls, Pillar Falls, Mogensen Trail, Centennial Waterfront Park, Shoshone Falls, the Canyon Rim Trail, and more! These trails are typically occupied by families, bikers, solo travelers, and other women out to enjoy the day.

Other Location to hike near Twin Falls

Other areas such as Buhl, Hagerman, and Wendell also offer dozens of trails. There are kayaks and paddle boards available to rent for the day at Ritter Island (Hagerman,) and Banbury Hot Springs (Buhl.) Hang out at Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs to take a self care day and soak in the private pools and get a massage! Buhl is also home to a beautiful winery, orchards and a riverside golf course.

The very southern part of Idaho showcases mountains, calling all women to come explore! One of my favorites is Lake Cleveland. Here, you can enjoy the peaceful mountain, jump in the alpine lake to cool off, and hike up above for an incredible view of Southern Idaho. Not far from here is the City of Rocks! The City of Rocks is perfect for a solo traveler to meander through the park. The views are unbeatable, and the rocks climbers might even invite you to join them! Did we mention there is a fantastic hot spring there too!

There are some areas that do require an active mind while adventuring. The South Hills are a great place to hike. Hiking Walstrom Hallow will keep you going for hours through trees, and up and down the mountains. Ross Falls is a quick hike, near the road, but still hidden by trees. Although this area is safe, there is a potential of seeing a bob cat or moose on the hike. Remember to always keep your distance, and avoid the trail if they are occupying it. We also suggest keeping an eye out while climbing into Tea Kettle Cave, located near Gooding. It has been known to house rattle snakes in the summer and fall. Hiking alone in these areas will bring amazing experiences, but please be cautious of the wildlife. It is their home before ours, so be respectful always!

If you’re a woman traveler, looking for a safe place to solo – look no further than Southern Idaho!

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