Almo Inn

A southern-themed getaway awaits your arrival in Almo, Idaho! The Almo Inn and Outpost Steakhouse provide a cozy accommodation and the best service you could ask for in this small town near City of Rocks. Visit the quaint town to learn history and discover incredible rock formations.

The Almo Inn started as three, one-room cabins providing people with a place to stay in town if they didn’t want to camp. Since then, visitor numbers have soared, and the Almo Inn now offers eight rooms and three cabins, all with a different western theme. After a long day of vigorous activities, the clean, cozy rooms at the Almo Inn offer the opportunity for a great night of rest.

A variety of room sizes are available to comfortably accommodate your party. Options include room for 2, 4, and 8 people in a cabin.

Outpost Steakhouse

As an added bonus, one of the best steak houses in Southern Idaho shares a parking lot. The Outpost Steakhouse offers prime steak options for all visiting meat lovers. This highly-rated eatery also offers burgers, chicken, and vegetarian options.

Additionally, the hotel and steakhouse are conveniently located within a ten-minute drive of City of Rocks and Castle Rocks on a beautiful scenic byway!

Whether you’re looking for a delicious bite to eat or a place to rest after a day of fun, you won’t regret trying out the Almo Inn and Outpost Steakhouse.