Take that vacation you deserve! Travel is good for your mental health because it promotes being present and connected. Recharge your mind, body and soul by following along our self care travel, weekend recharge in Southern Idaho (summer edition.)

How-to Self Care Travel Guide:

  1. Go star gazing
  2. Soak in hot springs
  3. Get a massage 
  4. Go for a relaxing boat ride 
  5. Float in a Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy Tank

Star Gazing at the City of Rocks National Reserve

City of Rocks, snow, Almo, Idaho, Burley, Sunset, Dark Sky

There is no better way to reconnect with nature than to lay under the stars. The City of Rocks has incredibly dark skies that allow you to see millions of stars! Many photographers visit to capture photos of the Milky Way. The stars are bright, and the landscape is stunning. See granite boulders in all shapes and sizes scattered throughout the valley, sitting below mountains. Find dozens of camping spots at the City of Rocks, or book a hotel in Burley to get an amazing nights sleep after watching the stars. 

Hot Springs near City of Rocks National Reserve

The first hot spring you can visit is Durfee Hot Springs. The hot spring pool is only minutes from the City of Rocks in the town of Almo, Idaho. Durfee Hot Springs has a few pools to choose from to soak in, all sourced from the earth using geothermal water. Soaking in geothermal water provides health benefits such as stress relief, muscle relaxing, and better sleep. If you are taking a self care trip to unwind from hectic life, we highly recommend soaking for an hour or two at one of our three locally owned hot springs. 

Soak in Idaho Hot Springs and enjoy a Massage at Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs

The most peaceful place in Southern Idaho is in a private hot spring at Miracle or Banbury Hot Springs. Book a private room at either resort to fully immerse yourself in self care. The geothermal water has the same benefits as we listed before, and you can enjoy a private room all to yourself. Totally unwind and eliminate your tension by getting a massage at Miracle’s spa! The trained masseuse will work out all of your sore spots, leaving you feel more refreshed and recharged than ever. 

Take a relaxing boat ride on the Snake River in Twin Falls

AWOL Adventure Sports offers a scenic boat ride through the Snake River Canyon. It’s the ultimate site seeing tour where your stress will melt away. The ride begins at Centennial Waterfront Park where you’ll see a beautiful waterfall called Perrine Coulee. From there the tour guide will share interesting history about the area. The boat will lead under the Perrine Bridge where you may get to see BASE jumpers leap from the bridge below, and parachute to the base of the canyon next to you! Then, you’ll ride all the way to Pillar Falls where you can get out on the rocky, river waterfall area and hike around if desired. The total ride lasts about 2 hours. It’s an incredibly unique and stunning experience.

Float Magic’s Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy

Enjoy a float Downtown Twin Falls at Float Magic, where you will feel light as a feather and totally de-stress to help your body in more ways than one. No stimulations, no stress from the outside world, this location will disconnect you in a way that is healing. Float Magic practices a therapy of disconnecting from the stimuli around us so that we can focus on our own internal functions and health. Achieve this by trying out their float pods for an hour to an hour and a half, and feel your worries melt away as you move into a meditative state. These tanks/pods are truly the ultimate self care, mental health reset you need.

We hope your self care travel, weekend recharge in Southern Idaho is everything you need to destress and improve your mental health. Safe travels and happy trails!