Travel planning in Southern Idaho is a breeze! Not only will we answer the most commonly asked questions about traveling here, but we also will provide helpful tips! Check out our App, Visit Southern Idaho, for all directions and maps to every location in Southern Idaho too.

Here is a list for all of your frequently asked questions

  • When is the best time to visit Southern Idaho,
  • Where are the must see places,
  • Where should I stay in Southern Idaho,
  • Other common questions from our Visitor Centers.

When is the best time to visit Southern Idaho?

Every season is a new adventure in Southern Idaho. Choosing when to visit can depend on what type of traveler you are.


Spring usually starts late March and lasts through May, and on good snow years means big waterfalls! If you’re planning to chase waterfalls we highly recommend visiting April, May, or June for the best chance to see Shoshone Falls and other waterfalls flowing beautifully. Weather can vary from rainy and windy days to beautiful sunny and 75 days. The mountains generally still have snow this time of year and you can possibly still enjoy winter sports.


June through August provides endless adventure like kayaking, hiking, white water rafting, swimming, etc. The days are long and sunset is around 9 p.m. or later. Summer also is very warm. In Southern Idaho, specifically the Magic Valley, temperatures can range from 80’s-100’s peak summer. This of course is a great time to escape to the mountains! Try hiking up to Independence Lakes, or enjoy a day exploring the many hikes in the South Hills. Always be prepared for warmer days in the summer by bringing extra water, food, sunblock, hats, etc.


The fall brings all the color to Southern Idaho. The Magic Valley turns orange and red late fall, typically around October. The higher elevations around Southern Idaho like the South Hills and Howell Canyon change early fall, usually in September. The weather remains beautiful most of fall, ranging in the 60’s-80’s. Hiking, kayaking, and exploring can last all the way into November and even December depending on the snow year and temps.


Winter provides adventure for those who love snow! Magic Mountain, Pomerelle Mountain, and Soldier Mountain are all amazing ski resorts you can access in Southern Idaho. They are extremely affordable, especially compared to neighboring ones in the state. There are also opportunities to snow shoe, x-country ski, snowmobile, and tube. The valley typically doesn’t see snow pack, however it does snow and melt throughout the winter. Many of the activities enjoyed during the summer can be still be done with a few extra layers. Cold weather kayaking, hiking or biking gives visitors access to busy places during slower times.

Where are the must see places when visiting Southern Idaho?

Shoshone Ice Caves, Lava Tube, Shoshone Idaho, Sawtooth Scenic Byway

There are so many must-see stops while visiting Southern Idaho! This is one of the most commonly asked questions because of how diverse the nature is in Idaho. The main locations you cannot miss in Southern Idaho are;

  • The Perrine Bridge,
  • Shoshone Falls,
  • Box Canyon,
  • Balanced Rock,
  • Ritter Island,
  • Shoshone Ice Caves,
  • Rupert Historic City Square,
  • and the City of Rocks National Reserve. 

Where should I stay in Southern Idaho?

The main places we recommend visitors stay are closest to their adventure. We’ve found that typically these tend to be around Hagerman, Twin Falls, or Burley. Hagerman is a small town, but with quaint accommodations near water, some even with hot springs on the property like Miracle Hot Springs. Twin Falls has a multitude of locations to choose from including branded hotels, retro motels, cute bed and breakfast stays, and Airbnb/VRBO. Burley is the most affordable city to stay in and has many options of hotels and Airbnb/VRBO, and even a private island you can rent out to camp on!

Other Common Questions asked at our Visitor Centers:

How often do they BASE jump off of the Perrine Bridge?

Everyday! If the weather is warm enough to be outside and the wind isn’t too strong, there will be BASE jumpers jumping shortly. Tip: Hang out around the Visitor Center and see if anyone is packing parachutes. Strike up a conversation and they’ll most likely give you an estimated time before they jump again.

Are Twin Falls and Shoshone Falls the same thing?

No. Twin Falls and Shoshone Falls are waterfalls that are about a mile apart on the Snake River. Twin Falls is also the namesake of the city that Shoshone Falls calls home. The waterfall is how Twin Falls the city got its name.

What is there to do in town?

Twin Falls has lots of fun activities to do around town! Head downtown Twin Falls for nightlife, live performers, a farmer’s market on the weekends, holiday events and more! Twin Falls has a climbing gym, Gemstone Climbing, an axe throwing gym, Bearded Axe, a painting studio, Hands On, a food hall, 2nd South Market, and loads of local businesses to browse.

Burley also has incredibly fun adventures waiting! Try our your skills by playing every arcade game ever at Arcadia! Also, check out the Cassia County Historical Museum to learn about the history here. Golf, get ice cream, dine on the river at Morey’s or The Boat House, and head to the mountains whenever you want! Stop in the Visitor Center at Heyburn Riverside Park for further recommendations, or go for a walk along the river on the beautiful path.

Did Evel Knievel jump over the Snake River Canyon? 

He tried to! Unfortunately, he did not make it across the canyon due to an early deployed parachute. Evel Knievel Jump Site is located one mile up the Canyon Rim Trail from Shoshone Falls City Park. The Twin Falls Visitor Center has information and historical artifacts from that day.

(The Visitor Centers around the valley are the perfect first stop on your trip to get maps, information, souvenirs!)

What is the City of Rocks? (Popularly asked in the Mini Cassia Visitor Center at Heyburn Riverside Park)

The City of Rocks National Reserve is one of the most popular destinations in Southern Idaho for good reason! Emigrants of the California Trail describe the rocks here in vivid detail as “a city of tall spires,” “steeple rocks,” and “the silent city.” Today, this backcountry byway attracts rock climbers, campers, hikers, hunters, and those with the spirit of adventure. There’s inspirational scenery, exceptional opportunities for geologic study, and remnants of the Old West awaiting your discovery!

twin falls visitor center new

Southern Idaho truly has some of the most unique and diverse nature out there. There are stunning canyons, beautiful mountains, vibrant blue waters, rock formations such as arches and hoodoos, incredible local businesses, and extremely kind locals. We hope you choose to take your next vacation to Southern Idaho, and that these most commonly asked questions were answered for you.