Southern Idaho is a bonanza for hunters. Whether you’re on the hunt for pheasants at a private ranch or plotting your deer strategy in Unit 54, you’ll find ample hunting opportunities. Fans of elusive game, like mountain lions and wolves, can hunt their prey on vast late-season grounds in the Albion Mountains and the South Hills.

Western Spirit Ranches

Bird hunters can get a lot of hunting action at Western Spirit Ranches in Shoshone, a private bird-hunting ranch. They have hundreds of acres of private land, and lots of pheasants that are planted in advance of a private hunt. There are some chukars that may flush out of the brush as well. The ranch is open from Aug. 15-April 15 each year.

South Hills Unit 54

Mule deer and white-tailed deer abound in Unit 54, an area that encompasses more than 900 square miles of ground in the South Hills. You’ll also find great elk hunting, and elusive moose and pronghorn antelope — even mountain lions during their late-winter season.

Albion Mountains

This region is famous for its deer hunting — thousands of mule deer migrate through the area. But it’s also great for upland bird hunting, small game like rabbits and hare, and big game like elk, moose, bighorn sheep, and even wolves.

Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area

This area is known for its pheasant hunting and for the year-round fishing at Crystal Springs Lake in the canyon. The fishing at Crystal Springs Lake is handicapped accessible. The Niagara Springs WMA is a great place to hunt waterfowl or see abundant wildlife.

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