The birds are chirping, the snow has melted. Sunshine is singing from above and we are so ready for spring time activities! Here are 5 activities to do this spring in Southern Idaho:

  1. Chasing Waterfalls in Twin Falls
  2. Kayaking
  3. Zip-lining
  4. Hot Springing
  5. Chasing Waterfalls in the Hagerman Valley

Chasing Waterfalls in Twin Falls

In Twin Falls you need to check out Shoshone Falls, Perrine Coulee, and Auger Falls. Shoshone Falls is a 212 foot waterfall! It is located just east of Twin Falls city. Perrine Coulee is on the way to Auger Falls, and is easy to miss! The parking is on the road on the first switch back, or at the base of the waterfall on the way to Auger Falls. Auger Falls is about 3 miles past Perrine Coulee. The powerful waterfall is located on the Snake River and is a 2 mile (one way) hike from the trailhead. 

Go Kayaking in 2 Unique Locations on the Snake River

Kayak at Centennial Waterfront Park and Heyburn Riverside Park. Kayaking at Centennial Waterfront Park in Twin Falls allows you to kayak under the Perrine Bridge and all the way to Pillar Falls. Heading to Heyburn Riverside Park to kayak the Snake River leaves you with miles to paddle. The Snake River looks towards the mountains and there are many islands to explore while paddling. 


Zipline, Perrine Coulee, Snake River Canyon, Idaho

AWOL Adventure Sports offers zip-line tours at Centennial Waterfront Park. There are 4 lines to ride and one that is 1750 ft long, making it longer than the Perrine Bridge. On the tour you’ll also learn some local history and geology. Anticipate flying at about 45 mph through the Snake River Canyon! While on the Zip-line you will be able to see views of Perrine Coulee, the Perrine Bridge, and all the views of the Snake River Canyon. 

Enjoy Idaho Hot Springs

There are two locally owned hot springs that are perfection. Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs are natural hot springs made into spas. The geothermal water is soothing and perfect for those seeking wellness travel. Feel rejuvenated after getting a massage at Miracle Hot Springs, then head over to Banbury Hot Springs and soak in private room springs that open up to the Snake River. RV hookups are available at Miracle and Banbury. There are clamping domes available at Miracle Hot Springs, and camping spots at Banbury. These springs are located on the Thousand Spring Scenic Byway where you can chase even more waterfalls just from driving the Scenic Byway. (2023 Banbury Hot Springs Temporarily Closed)

Find Waterfalls in the Hagerman Valley

Thousand Springs State Park is the best place to find waterfalls. Go to Box Canyon State Park and hike 2 miles from the trailhead into the canyon. Here you will find a bright blue waterfall that continues flowing down the river. The water is transparent and a vibrant teal blue. It is one of the most “Instagrammable” places in Southern Idaho. Beware: the water is very cold! Box Canyon has another blue water pool past this waterfall by about a half mile. The Idaho State Park is a great one to visit in the spring.

Ritter Island State Park, Thousand Springs, Lemmon Falls, Waterfalls, Clear Water, Idaho Power Park, Kayaking, Southern Idaho, Hagerman

Lemmon Falls are located about 15 minutes away from Box Canyon. Drive to Ritter Island and park inland to hike to Lemmon Falls. The waterfall is stunning against the green plants growing on the steep canyon wall. This water is also very cold! The blue river that surrounds Ritter Island flows into the Hagerman Stretch of the Snake River. River access is accessible all around the park where you can kayak or float. You can also stay on Ritter Island on the historic homestead. The homes are recently remodeled, and it is so fun to explore the island and see how things used to be.

Recreate responsibly and have fun chasing waterfalls, kayaking, zip-lining, hot springing, hiking, chasing waterfalls, all around Southern Idaho. Spring in Southern Idaho is one of the most beautiful times of the year!